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Mary D Kidd
I draw for funsies, my dream is for everyone to enjoy my shenanigans and art, or at least give me thoughtful critics. Whatever, I just want people to read my stuff!
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    Mary S.
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And I'm back! xD sorry for the long hiatus, in fact, I was working on other comics that I donĀ“t post here because I don't think anyone here would want to see them (but they are on my Deviantart so if I'm mistaken, watch them there xD), and also, boring phd stuff, so whatevs. I'm decided to finish this one for the next big contest I want to enter into, so wish me luck ;D (though I know I won't win anyway, it's a great motivation to keep on drawing, lol)
Sorry dear readers t.t
For my unsteady update rate, I'm making up updating twice this week xD enjoy!
@Calz like no other: Nice to meet you Angus LB =D I hope you can enjoy the ride along with my story, I will take my time to establish and develop the protagonist's life before all things went down, but it will be worth the wait (because after that there won't be any moment of peace in a long time D=>). Also, I ask your comprehension for a slow release of new updates (a weekly rate), it takes me a while to make just one page (like a day or so xD). And again, thank you for your preference =3
@Calz like no other: what? My nickname? well, mary is my real name, d is like saying the and kidd like kid, from the gunslinger and that Kid from chrono cross, but with two letters is less likely to look like I'm just some kid, it's more stylish xD I dunno, I have used it since like 10 years ago or so =P. Also, don't worry, enjoy your game and thank you for your kind correction, I have made the change. If you spot any weird text in the comic let me know, I mean, I'm not a native english speaker so I do appreciate a little help here and there. Thank you! =D
@Calz like no other: Do you think that? Yikes, thank you!=D I will be posting more pages soon ;3 this is like the introductory pages to tease about the story tehe