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Vaporeon is cool
I like pokemon
I have 127 cards at the time

Also I like Kirby my favorite copy ability is parasol every one underestimate the parasol power

my gamertag on X-box one is toxictime5555

please read my book.

also if you what to play some chess with me comment the move on

My when comics I really enjoyed get cancelled -> :_(
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@pixlblox9099: ok then explain to me how
@pixlblox9099: just leave ever since you came you've been nothing but trouble and why go and make a lot of accounts you only need one
@GamerDude7: i know but hey we more chrismas spiret in our life even if its june :)
i might be able to play online though the person im fighting has to make the battle and only normal battles
@Garchomp joe ;D.: im net fighting you im fighting a cpu or my brother
[vaporeon: short circuits the light bulb making it dark agian]
[flareon: when the lights go out tries to sneak behise them if succeful the uses flamethrower on them if not and gets attack the use eather quick attack or protect]
lucario is weak to fire btw
do to some arguing in the past i have ban guest comments for bit and have ban someone
hypernova is from triple deluxe
right when i saw this on shameless advertisement i was like i need to take a look at it
@pixlyJolt: fight else where like though the private messages
@pixlyJolt: anyone can be here
@pixlyJolt: just both of you stop he is allowed here and if you don't allow that then i won't allow you here
@pixlyJolt: not saying
@Garchomp joe ;D.: well you arent being a coathour no more
STOP everyone is allow here
@GamerDude7: better go grab the scrrewdrivers and screws lol
um whoops forgot to de-select my guy.
@Garchomp joe ;D.: gotcha ill have gamerdude send me your sprites from the cyoa also you may submit your own comics that wont be part of the story