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A sporadic writer who used to draw, I've recently taken up the pencil again to tackle an idea I had for a comic, and the result of that is Tulip.

Right now my main hobby is voice acting, and my biggest role so far is for Kai, the main character in the long-running series The Lone Swordsman, which you can find among my favorites. Sol is a very talented writer and a joy to work with, so do check out his works.

In general I'm just a quiet, laid-back, PC and gaming enthusiast trying to get through college. I'm on AIM all the time so if you want to contact me, that's a good way to do it. You can also shoot me an email, as that's a fairly reliable way to get a hold of me as well.
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Good job on the faces. Looks like you're putting more effort into the art here.
I honestly wasn't confused at all. The context was more than enough to show who's talking.
"Yeah, Kai was a lot more innocent, naive and happy-go-lucky when he was a kid. You'll see reasons for his personality change though."

You mean besides his father getting murdered in front of him?
I wasn't sure about the Double K thing, but it sounded kinda cheesy to actually say "KK".
I didn't let you ask.
While we're on the subject of anime, I just finished Darker Than Black, and I'm reminded of how much I hate endings in typical anime.
Also, don't be afraid to ask me in times like these when you need an emergency stand-in voice. I got a lot more range that I seldom get to use. :p

old voice demo of mine:
Sweet, hopefully Reger's VA can get back with you. I like how this ends, it puts Chapter 7 on good footing.
I look forward to kicking Reger's ass. }:D
March 27th, 2008
He's totally gonna turn into a zombie.
You'd think Kai would express a little more gratitude towards Stephanie for basically ripping out a huge part of his identity crisis. I remember going into this at the beginning of Chapter 6 how completely unglued Kai was, and gradually, and especially after Stephanie's appearance, my lines have been less and less dramatic. He's mellowed out as a character, and we're seeing what I think is the first real character development in the series.

And holy hell Sypher's been gone a long time. What did Stephanie tell him to get, a giant squid? :p
Gotta love their hair...
March 25th, 2008
That burning skull in panel four is epic.

The whole page is epic, but that's the epic epitomology.
I think you nailed it with his smile.
eeeexxcellent. More to add to my collection. *rubs hands menacingly* >:D
Sounds like big things are gonna be coming up.

I think I'll retry Kid Kai's voice now that I've seen what he looks like. He seems like he'd sound more like kid Gohan than the cutesy attempt I made.
WOOT 200! Drinks on Sol!!
...She totally has her hand on his cheek. That's like sensual and stuff.

You sure this isn't a doujinshi?
I always used Yoshi.


Don't look at me that way.