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Wow I didn't know people still played mabinogi, that brings back memories
damnit i forgot who this guy is.
I feel like Atty's gonna beat a gym leader but then it will be a johto gym leader and not count.
can I just say I love you expressions.
Also i speculate someone else was keeping track of her
I Imogen this comic will get Heaps of likes.
I really need to become apart of this community you guys are awesome XD
I will be waiting and willing to partner up when you return. Good luck man college can be a bitch I know the feeling
Wait so what turned her mouth blue? Or is it another device to further distinguish the two Kets
So how come no one has brought up the red to blue back to red mouth switch
April 27th, 2015
I postulate that seth was born a woman and is only pretending to be a man under the affects of Cintreuse, but is actually a woman using it to pretend to be a man pretending to be a woman!
Wait so his name is Dick Johnson? I bet I know which character is your least favorite.
I'm glad I found this comic
The coin has neither heads nor tails!
Holy crap
woah this is like seeing a ghost
I love the drawing but isnt the other side of tresure town supposed to end in a cliff
December 22nd, 2013
Kati's is gonna be an organic! I hope...
Just a helpful tidbit you can email crucial files to yourself if you need to that way you can access them on different computers
Another name for the comic is Smash! Crack! Crunch!
Sorry I've been MIA I got a job then had to quit said job because It took up so much time I couldn't study for finals AND NOW IM DOING THIS INSTEAD OF STUDYING! Ill try to update more once break starts.
Shard looks very intelligent for some reason and I cant place my finger on it.