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Keeper TGA
For example
Here some example of funny pokemon personality conversation.
Articuno : " Behold mortal. It is I... the great legendary bird trio."
Articuno : " Yes... It is I za- what?! NO?!. NO I AM NOT ZAPDOS"
Rattata : " Oh... sorry about that. Let me try again Ahem!... OH MY ARCEUS ITS MOLTRES "
Articuno : " Yes... It i- NO! NO I AM NOT MOLTRES "
Rattata : " Oh... umm... ho oh? "
Articuno : " For arceus sake, Its ME! ARTICUNO. I AM NOT THAT UGLY NONE SHINY BIRD "
Rattata : " Last time I check he was more colorful than you "
Articuno : " Shut Up! Now where was I...Right!. I am the almighty Articuno!. I AM The Winter To Your People!. I AM THE POWER TO YOUR BLIZZARD!. I AM THE COLDEST OF ALL LEGENDARY, ARTICUNO!. NOW, WHAT SHALL I THE LEGENDARY BIRD ARTICUNO DO FOR YOU?. "
Rattata : " Can I have a snowcone? "
Articuno : " ... a snowcone... you summon me, the almighty articuno just to give you... a snowcone? "
Rattata : " Wait I change my mind. I want a Double snowcone. "
Articuno : " *sigh* let just get this over with... FINE I THE ALMIGHTY ARTICUNO WILL GRANT YOU THE ALMIGHTY DOUBLE SNOWCONE. "
Rattata : " Wait before you do it, I want to ask you something "
Articuno : " Oh my arceus what did I do to deserve this... FINE ASK ME ANY QUESTION "
Rattata : " Can you bring me to Zapdos? I want to take a picture with him "
Going to be honest but your comic don't have funny guy so it's kind of boring. Don't have to believe what I say but too much text make it hard to see the different in each character personality (except for ral and grey the other are just confusing). Yep I agree that you may know some of this but character personality isn't something you should ignore in order to make a good comic.
@Guest: sorry that was me I accidentally log out
What I like about this comic is that you don't take it seriously. Many keep pushing themself for making a great comic until they forgot their own health. This comic has a great art but confused story line in my opinion. So keep it up good work.
Also I think something is wrong with Yalini.
Also human will starting to let go of the past once they find a new replacement in 3 years. In Laiba case, she's probably regret her choice or want to forget something.
Personality can't change. They can only bend.
Isn't birthday is the day where death is come closer? And since Laiba birthday is Halloween so...
Maybe check out my comic will help
How long have these been here? And why didn't I see this sooner
some shading should be good too
I don't want to be rude but you forget the light source and a shadow (sorry bad grammar)