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Awww, this is a cute page!
I love Lex's expression in the last panel! Their backstory is amazing! Thanks for the insight!
Found this today and I think it's really cute! Can't wait for the update!
Just browsing Smackjeeves for a new comic to read!
Just found this today and I love it! Thanks for sharing!
October 13th, 2018
His hair!!! Love! Anyway, I just found this comic today and I'm already in love!
October 13th, 2018
I just found this comic and I'm really loving it! I really like Ivan, I hope he's not a villian :/
Thanks for letting us know I was afraid this comic was abandoned like S.T.O.P. was so I'm glad to see you guys do intend on finishing up this one!
Good luck with school!
So you're not going to post the rest on here you mean?
Omg this is adorable!
He's beautiful!
I have a friend who's pronoun is "it". I find it hard to call them that, but I'm trying! I'm glad to see it here, most people don't realize just how many pronouns there are!
Love this gender conversation!
Yes! I'm loving this!!
Sylvain looks shocked so I'm assuming watching the person relive their death isn't something he normally sees on the other side! Hmmm....
October 8th, 2018
Glad the rest was well used!
Omg that siren is absolutely GORGEOUS!