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My husband is Demi! I love seeing this rep!
Mandy is so sweet! She's clearly hurt, but I love how she's trying to understand and be supportive! She's a great person!
July 28th, 2019
This is the perfect time! Adorable!
July 28th, 2019
Gah! This page is beautiful! My heart!
This is a nice story! Glad I found it!
Wise words, he's so sad :(
Loving this conversation. It's nice to see them getting to know one another better!
Yooo the answer to her question is gonna suck. :( She seems like such a cool person!
Dude! Cars?!
She's pretty awesome! This is a good page!
He does...look like shit though...
Dakota's expression. He looks hurt that Kennedy would say that about himself. I bet he's seen Kennedy as impressive this whole time. He's good at healing, he can hold his own in a fight, he didn't take Dakota's homophobic bullshit when he realized he was male, and he looks hella sexy in a dress. I think Dakota is well and truly shocked. Not just that Kennedy doesn't realize he is impressive, but also that Kennedy thinks that he is.
He needs to at least tell him he needs some time to think. Ignoring him like this is foolhardy.
The prequel was so sad, but I liked it a lot!
I never would have guessed! Lol I love it!
Won't lie I just assumed it was common knowledge about the other worlds and the people just preferred to stay there!
And I like the panels! But I've loved your art for years!
Gah! That's so sweet!
Areitus get some rest dude.
These names are adorable lol!
Just found this today! Loving it so far! The prince has me worried, he's hella weird now.