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Love the flames in the background! It is getting so hot in there!
I can't believe I only just found this today! It's beautiful! I've always loved your art style! Thanks for sharing!
@Elizabethxo: EXACTLY! I've been a fan for years too and have randomly bumped into other webcomic fans online and at conventions that love this one!!!
IM SO GLAD YOURE BACK!!! This comic is amazing and I loved every page of it! It's stunning and it genuinely makes me HAPPY to read it! I don't get this excited easily so this emotion is such a treat! Thank YOU SO MUCH for sharing this gorgeous story!!!
I love him so much!!!
This page looks adorable and I just love those two together! I think they are good for each other. This page makes me happy!
Her face!!! Lol! LOVE!
Cyril looks sexy on this entire page! Such a snack!
Todd looks gorgeous here!
Is this page supposed to give me shipping butterflies? Because it's totally giving me shipping butterflies!
Omg I had forgotten this scene! My heart!
I'm a mother and I feel for her! My son almost got hit by a car in front of me and I thought I was going to vomit. I know exactly what she's feeling!
November 21st, 2018
Bahahaha! THIS page!! Love it!
I'm caught up! Took two days of reading your beautiful comic,and now I'm so excited to read it in real time!
I just absolutely love the way you so your covers!
Todd's smirk!!! Lol! Love it!
Bahahaha! Love this page!!!
Beautiful page! Cyril looks sexy af!
This is my favorite chapter omg Cyril cracks me up every time!