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Oh my, why am I getting all giddy!! Can't wait!!!
October 15th, 2019
Lord he's huge! I didn't realize! So pretty!
Luke's eye in panel four! He's utterly beautiful!
Just don't get caught! Please! They are so wholesome!
Omg they are killing me!
What? No! Omg my heart! I feel for both of them!
Bahahaha! Love this page!
Good Lord no lol! I'd have to move!
I'm curious too!
September 25th, 2019
Lol oh no!
That little blush is adorable! I'm so nervous and happy for them. I hope they get a little time together before it all goes to shit.
Oh my goodness I'm so nervous!
Gorgeous page! They both look so happy to see each other!
Finally! Omg I love when they are together! Can't wait to see this scene play out!
September 11th, 2019
Derek, same. Big mood!
Sounds like you had a wonderful rest! I'll be here! Take your time!
That "You really scared me" I so heartfelt and sobering. Damn.
Omg this is so cute!
Yo! Kisa I hot AF!
Yo! You're no slouch yourself lol!