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Omg this is so adorable and pure!
He didn't ask, which was very respectful I thought! I am curious though!
Squee! An update! Anyways, I feel uneasy about this dinner...
There it is!!! ♥️
Okay okay good! You're probably gonna get your ass kicked but good!
I hope his dad isn't abusive.
Uggggh no! :(
Last panel!!! That FACE!! Lol! Love it!
This lady is precious and patient! Love her!
😶 Oh my heart! Please kiss!
Please tell me this is going somewhere! Don't hurt my heart! Please confess! One of you, both of you, PLEASE CONFESS!!!
Oh no! I hope he doesn't have a harsh father!
Happy New Year!
Dude. LOL!
January 7th, 2019
Well this entire page feels foreboding as fuck...
This is nice! YES!
AHHHH! Yes omg that last line f***ing yes!
Oh! O.o what does he see???
My goodness he's gorgeous with his hair down!