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These names are adorable lol!
Just found this today! Loving it so far! The prince has me worried, he's hella weird now.
I didn't see this coming at all! Very good story telling! I can't wait to read more!
He looks good in that vest... anyway, I know I'm in for some emotional stuff now.
Yeah no biggie on the delay! Totally understandable!
This is a beautiful cover!
Fantastic! Welcome back!
Omg that last panel!!!
April 25th, 2019
I just found this today and caught up, this is so flippin' cute!!!
I can't tell if Nate is scared but pushing through or if those are "I'm gonna kill you" crazy eyes! Either way omg I'm so excited about where this is going! Nate you got this baby!
Omg he's BEAUTIFUL! I love him!
Omg yes. Omg YES! Pllllleeease tie him up!
I'm proud of him but hella scared too. Dammit.
@Daisie2819 I was thinking the same thing!
Omg his mouth is flyin' I hope he slips up some more! This is too cute!
Omg their hight difference is sexy AF and those expressions are stunning!
Omg this was just soooo sweet!
This was the most creative way I've seen an artist/storyteller respond to a Q&A. Thank you for taking the time to do this!
I mean, red haired hottie has a point.