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just caught up with the last few pages.
keep up the wonderful work.
well as sad as this is it had to come sometime. i will still be working on comics just different stories and shorter projects. also my senior project, wish me luck, i'm going to need it.
thank you to everyone that has followed us and if you ever miss me i am on dviantart as annarowlye.
see you later.
ok now i have to see a mini posiden
they are adorable.
Well here's a page, i'm hoping my computer will get fixed today so we should be back to a regular update schedule, but i'm not promising anything.
The MC is Anna the roommate/god is Annarie sometimes called Annie
confusing i know but that's how it is.
sorry about the lack of update, on the up side we are now moved in and all should be good.
BTW the colors for today were done by Annie (at various stages of drunkenness.)
well it didn't get up at midnight but it's up now so all's good.
yay i managed to get the page up. of course it didn't hurt that it was already over half done. Anyway the aforementioned move is now taking place. I will (hopefully) be moved in by tomorrow and Annie will be following over the next week. I am determined to not stop updating, but sometimes fate doesn't like plans so who knows.
on another not I am participating in March Madness, It's like NaNo but for comics. 1 day 1 page for the month of March. so far I'm ahead with 15 pages. Most of thouse pages are for an OCT that I entered (we'll see if i got in next month) that miniarc features Will and can be found at
/lots of talk
March 4th, 2010
keep going I'm participating and studying for finals and moving at the same time.
X.X hehehe
sorry about the lack of page on Friday, i was rereading speaker for the dead, and completely forgot. to make up for it I've been sketching out the pages for this miniarc and i might even get a buffer going.
And so chapter 4 ends.
look screentones
the screen-tones are the reason this page was slightly late but at the same time I'm glad i figured out how to get them in there it might make my job easier later on. I need to stop forgetting about the page until the last minuet, that or get a buffer going.
Oh, that is just so cute.
2 years
well there it is we just passed the two year mark. strange, it feels both longer and shorter then that. Well this page was going to be extra long as a celebration, but seeing as i failed to get that done I'll just have to do something else. how does a new banner sound. Good? ok then a new banner it is, i was already planning on locking myself in the lab all saturday and sunday, I'll have a new banner up by monday. Happy two years everyone.
i work in a computer lab on Sunday, which is where i normally draw Mondays page. i got done early with this page, so i decided to do something extra with the shadows since i was stuck in the lab for another hour anyway. hope you like.
O.O OMG that perspective is amazing. wonderful job as always.
I am amazing
every once on a while i draw a page that is just amazing. this is one of them. it shouldn't be one of them but then there's the chess set. it was terribly hard to draw, but oh god it was worth it.
I'm terribly sorry I didn't get a page up of friday, I meant to but then i got all stressed over homework. So to apologize this page is bigger then normal. Have fun.