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@Bughs: the last panle does
reminds me if spirit: stallion of the cimarron
hmmmmm sexy!
i just realized that's Cane xD
some ones mad...
@StanleyComics: i think you might be right
@StanleyComics: things have gone to hell in a handbasket!
pfffff hahahah xD omg I died laughing, i was reading this in class and everyone turned to look at me
Holy shit xD
Holy shit ...
:O i want and Owl lamp
I love his expression
Well.... She's fucked...
yes they are :D
I just finished the page and I ready the first comment and all I seem is poop and sex XD
Haha looks sooo good I like the last panel
dam shes melanistic now...
haha his face just says it all xD