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oh, a secret room <3
So. He tryed to kill her,thin kill her pack member, made friends with her, sought her out in the middle if a forest, then she saved him from a jaguar... what a wonderful date!
woh its a dragon!!
xD i love his face
oh, my guess is that net was there for a long time.
oh! she trusts him so easily? shes laying down with him no care in the world
wow.. this art is.... amazing
Shes asking him to company her
Welp busted
xD i love them
would the brake the wolfs leg? rig stomping on it i mean
rest in peace Widower!
no drink? then smoke its better for you I promise it's not like you can get lung cancer from it I sware
Aww poor rig... she just want to know why, but deadwood is tryin to get her mind off of it
Omg.... this almost made me cry, surprisingly we see a more gentle side of deadwood. Poor rig
" oh " = i don't give a fuck xD