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I am a traditional artist I have been so for years. I won't be posting anything soon on the count that I am grounded, but I will try my best when I make comics. Now I am a bad procrastinator and I am lazy with storylines so I hope that my future comics will meet your standards! I love Pokémon and anime, and you can find me on Deviantart. DA account name: EnchantedShinyEevee
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How would you be able to fit it in your mouth to begin with? X3
OMG, it left a trail of his colors! So funny! This is amazing!
@Trash: IKR? I feel like that is what should have happened. But the way it went is fine! X3
@Meta-Akira: so true! It's basically saying, "Shoot, Hero... I deserve it for all I've done..."

It actually made me almost cry!
Perfect! So stylish!
My two faves!
Meta and Galacta look so good! And Meta looks so funny in the last panel! XD
February 28th, 2018
WTF??!? I just died.
I love this page!!! Darkrai really is starting to become more comfortable around them! I love his cute smile!!!
Precious cinnamon roll Darkrai is too sweet for even looking at him! X3
Am I the only one who thinks that he is way too cute for this?!? I've played PMD: EoS, and when I beat Darkrai, I made it my mission to find him and have him on the team....

It never happened... :'(

But I love this version of him!!! I go nuts even at the sight of him and my voice goes all high pitched! X3
So precious!!!
Darkrai is getting more comfortable around them! *Fan girls every time I see Darkrai*