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Lurk in shadows operating reality.
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    Charles Barnes
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lol wow atleast I helped you learn.
I was like 10 when I made this like 7 of these series or mine smh. And the rest are my friends the are incoming.
Would love to see it go alot further than this though. Minimakistic apporach caught on well. Maybe better than my effects heavy stuff.
This happens to be my first series if anybody still care about that kinda stuff anymore...
@Neon-J: Aye now ez buddy
@SailorMoon1223: not how it was supposed to end. but I enjoyed it through.
@jiayileow: Well I'm to say www.crossing chaos had the first background sheets. EVER! Yeah I'll still . brag about yeah long before Gojirot!. Is he still alive cause I knew I'd out survive him HAHAAAAA!
@Stinkoman87: Smh yet another og... *sigh* they gonna make me open up photoshop again... Can't hide anywhere. Who's even still left from the olden days?
@CayCory: Is theeee Cory from Androcity I'd would expect more from? Where's Psy at. he's just letting everyone run around lose smh.
@Nocturnal-biatch: lol ikr. How u been stranger!
XD There were more calm down
@Fangzarie: Thanks, I was a complete fool back then I was like 12 I apologize...
@Extremmefan: Well thanks! I was gonna cry. Not even going acknowledge me. These kids these days... can't even abandon you all in peace. You were too sane with the story and ya could left my sprite in. I seen that I still check up on yall lol.