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Garchomp joe ;D.
Battlefield 1 all day plays ds likes too write Norman less upload probably in summer loves garrrchomp
Admires champion Cynthia
Backstory:was born in a cave alone (cave was dungeon) and a lot of times attacked garchomp lived a hard life then so he started training to get stronger he trained so much that he evolved to gabite the dungeon pokes still attacked him but he slowly turned into a garchomp one day he found a gear others called it a time gear and he had to put it back but he took it and three others anyway he saw this old cave froze in time and felt bad he apologized to people he hurt and became there friends!
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..... I thought you were just really busy or forgot about this
Wats that?
Its just an anti aircraft gun like i predicted bacicly
Wait what about the riombee
[sits there with bowser telling him that they breached the castle
Wait but. Vaporean filled it with water
Umm do they like applesauce