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that face in the last panel look so funny
this will be comic that i will keep eye on it as it look like it has potential
oh that not good
choud there be a sequel or was this a one shot story becose i would love to see a sequel to this story and i know others would too
oh boy i guessing the upcoming pages are not going to be happy
@Nekomata-chan: im glad to see this comic is back and dont worry about being late we can wait for more pages
@evil-Umbreon: it sad so see this comic go but i understand maby one day it may come back i hope you do well with other things you planing
@Sleepypandadream: there still people who follow your comic like me i follow it to see where the comic goes i do look for ward to searing where it go's and how the plot develops
oh GOTU didn't get a gore Waring so this is going to be darker then the main comic
jake was just like wtf how the hell did i do that in the first panel
@StarlightNexus-Chan: i care more about the story then that art thow the art is still amazing as normal
WTF half eevee/necrozma how dose that work
now a convent rescue is coming up