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I didn't know Petunia was actually Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist
HB's gonna eat it, isn't he?
the last panel is the story of my life; I hate myself way more than I hate anybody
@Brent : *stuffs dolls into mouth while making monster noises* *gets caught by candy hobo (Harold)*
Random question, but do you have a reference sheet of HB?
IT'S *clap* MY *clap* BOY *clap* HOBO *clap*
@Loverofpiggies: oh yeah! I forgot about that. I remember being told that but it never crossed my mind when I read the intermission title.
@Riel: Rage and fear
@Guest: no, you were right. They're gay.
This just in: 'Two Gays Screaming in a Tent'
@HamVerse: true, when I said: "I'm catching a whiff of gay in the air..." I meant I can smell it coming up.
Couldn't sleep in all day? wth does this child even know what she signed up for?. Couldn't eat all of his ice cream? Girl, you can only eat all of your own purchased ice cream from the Grocery Store. Couldn't BARBEQUE THE RABBITS IN THE YARD- G I R L, THAT'S ANIMAL ABUSE MY GOOD LORD
Oh gob Cakegirl just predicted Yuri from DDLC with her own laugh.
First of all; holyshit Purple's crying?????
And second I'm catching a whiff of gay in the air...