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i like illustrating, writing, coffee, cats, and comics about girls with swords.
@IronDog: characters are so very important to me--and i'm relieved to hear that they're as expressive (in their own ways) as i hoped they'd be!!
@IronDog: haha thanks for reading and for all your comments!!!
so I just now realized that I had a PAGE MISSING for two weeks, and I feel a right fool. no update this coming Monday because I messed up, but here's that missing one now!!
thanks for keeping a lookout! my crazy summer's over, so that means updates are back and will be every monday!
Summer Updates
Page updates will be every other week this summer! thanks for watching!!
Thanks for your patience!! I'm back on track updating every Wednesday!
For everyone reading: thanks so much, you're bomb! I'll be taking a small break from posting updates for the next 2-3 Wednesdays so I can continue working on pages and build up a buffer. Check back soon!
@Oly-RRR: thanks so much for checking it out! watch out for some major sass!
@purplepanther101: thank you!! more sisses to come.
@EluNiabi: thanks so much for reading!! i'm excited to continue!
this is really a beautiful comic--I love your style, the colors, just all of it.
GORGEOUS colors, and the emotion cuts right through, A++++