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Ah belching
that's how you know the food was good, but farting is the "my compliments to the chef!" haha anyways I love this comic, you keep improving every upload!
When food is starting to fight back. Lol
That dirty rat! Man I love this comic! So exciting to read.
Last panel is such a mood, but the one with the king hitting his face had me laughing so hard. Lol
Haha, very dark indeed. I love this comic so much!
Silly doggy
Trixie's not for kids! Lol.. Had to, anyways wow can't wait to see what happens next!
@Sazkey88: You're welcome! :)
I've been reading on this comic and can tell how much you've improved! So amazing to watch art grow stronger and seeing the artist happy about it. :) I love your comic btw!
Talk about selling poison. Loljk
@respeanut: :) You're welcome, ty btw!
I just love your art style. Have a nice day/night!
Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Lol
WELL he definitely have a strong head for this task.
Love this comic
This comic is so much fun to read. Wonderful art style too!

You are very welcome! Skyrim is a really great game. Seeing it as a comic on here is quite wonderful. And lol I'm always with the companions instead of vampires.

And I can imagine all the time you have to go through to work on these, for that I thank you for each page you post on here. And I enjoy listening to the Elder scrolls soundtrack while reading your comic. I can tell you enjoy what you do and you put all the time you need.

Also I have shared the link here to my friends that are into the elder scrolls, hopefully they will come around and enjoy it just like how I am.
I've recently followed this comic and I must say really pulled me in. I enjoy the art and well it's of Skyrim! Anyways have a great day and don't worry about being delayed take your time with what you do. :)

Talos be with you. haha