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Maple Life
(((Maple Life)))
My name started out when i felt like making a Maple Story comic, i later got tired of making the comic, and were never posted it anywhere, Maple Life was going to be the name of the comic, i felt like making it my main name and decided to keep it my main name afterwards, the comics are still on my computer but will not be posted because they're just horrible, and that's how my name came to be.


(Favorite Stuff)
Fav Color: Green

(Favorite Video Game Stuff)
Fav Pokemon: Kyogre
Fav Mario Enemy: Shyguy
Fav Mario Main Char: Yoshi
Fav Mario Semi-Main Char: Luigi
Fav Sonic Char: Sonic

(((Maple Life's Destroy List)))
Woody242 - He goes out of his way to make pointless comments = Noob
Termite - Makes rude comments everywhere on Smackjeeves = Jerk
Kaz - He thinks he rules Smackjeeves, and has nothing nice to say = Jerk
Reds - He acts and agrees Kaz, what do you think he is? = Jerk
(If you don't like the reason i put these people on this list,
give me ONE GOOD reason i should take them off!)
I might not be part of this comic, but i surely pick Newnew.
The hands aren't talking, it's just pointing out that they look sorta like they're playing R,P,S.
Without them it wouldn't make sense.
Who wants to play R,P,S?
1..2..3..SHOOT!! *bang*
In case you couldn't tell, that's a lollipop that Maple Guy's punching.
Even from a distance he still hits him.
I wonder how they'll get threw this without him really, he was the fastest person on the team, i hope his "Team" regrets it later.
Happy B-Day!
*Gives another cupcake*
This might not mean a lot from me, but i think you should try your best, "What do you think you should do?" is the real question, do you think it's worth at least a shot? (I have the up most confidence in ya!)
He seemed to break his back, that's for sure.
If you want to get the joke, check the title, if you don't get the title, then you don't know what a Rabbid is.
Two New...
2 new Fan Comics/Pictures on the "Fan Comics" page.
Yes, they are watching it from a battle stadium. (Which looks sorta like pokemon stadium.)
It's also when they first meet Petey.
Take him away Monkey Face.
Sorry there was no updates for awhile, but no worries, here comes one now!
The same way he missed with the sword of course.
-Snatches Invisible Hamster-
It's lighter than i thought it'd be.

P.S. Like the comics. +Fav
I mostly wonder why it isn't colored.
Aah, Crap i (think) i know what happens next. (Could be wrong)
You couldn't pay me to go to McDonalds. (Because then it'd be wasted on it.)
I've heard horrible stories about McDonalds, and my parents can hardly stomach the food. (I will NOT be scard for life because of McDonalds.)