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Hello, I'm Neonblossoms (Or Grace, whichever you'd prefer), a self-taught artist who has been rocking art for about five years now. I'm always up for suggestions to improve my art/animation, please check out my comics!! ^w^
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its me the fic queen
i decided to become active on here again, been a while. how's it going scruffy my broo
@Sylveeon: Nope, though it's a nice theory. Nobody knows how Vay got his genes (though the human blood idea is cool, but he might inherit it) but the child was had unwillingly by a Leafeon that is NOT Daisy. Vay has already explained he awkwardly evolved without a neck frill, though it might have been a side-effect of the experiment that backfired on him.
Melody didn't hide Sky, she hid Doki and replaced her with Dusk instead (from what I saw), and Dusk/Night blamed it on Harmony and snapped at her after escaping from the lab. Sky did go to the lab and is related to Sora in an unexplained way. There is a possibility that Sky, Sora, and Miku might be the same person somehow, though it's still left a mystery and will be confirmed later in the story.
(I'm quite sure Negotiation's mother was Fern? Pinkeevee confirm or deny this statement thnx u)

Hopefully, I cleared it all up for you, but your theory was interesting and I can't wait to see what is revealed so far. I'm not too interested in Vay and Sora's story, so let's talk about Oliver. I'm interested in how he became friends with Sora :>
Kidding, do whatever lmao

Sources (with research) - Alt text, comics/secrets, the PMVs, comment sections that Pink has associated (responding to statements), the ask blog is pretty useful go check that out
@GoldTheUmbreon: This has legitimately been answered multiple times. Daisy and Eve will show up, but not yet. Be patient.
OwO?! Wiki?!
@Sylveeon: Well, I'm quite sure that Miku is still lost and will return to the P.C. Sora will not.
The left behind Eevees would actually be Sky (Sora, though they are a bit different) and Volt.
Can't wait to see Miku vs Eve ;)
Oh, yes, Blizz. They're hiding a lot from you.
Vay has The Negotiation and the ability to turn into a human, Flame has things we haven't learned and things from the lab, Bolt also has abilities like seeing ghosts and things from the lab, and Dusk?
long story

still working on the fanfic btw
@Sylveeon: Timezones exist.
1. Working on fanart
2. Working on a fanfiction centered around Harmony, Night, August, Bolt, and Dawn.
3. Working on a small SSEC PMV that I will be posting on scratch, made completely with my art and will be centered around Vay.
@Furyeevee112: Stupid Short Eevee Comic updates every Saturday.
Daisy probably:
"I love meat, but I love you more."
i ship it
@Person: The same weight. The same height. The same eye shape and jaw structure... it's like saying humans or cats all look the same. Nothing looks the same.
im sorry
I love your art, but you're suffering from a huge issue with Same Face Syndrome and Same Body Syndrome. Your characters, head shapes, body shapes, and even mostly eyes look the same. Try to step out of your comfort zone and work towards attempting something new.