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Aw... he got him the shirt =D I can't wait to see more of this!
Wooow... Chapter 9 has been awesome. I missed out on it, not being up on school =3 Touching, beautiful, and well researched as always. Looking forward to more!
Loved all the updates! I hadn't been keeping up with it since the third chapter ended because my semester ended. Hahaha. But, this is as lovely as ever!
Woo! ^^ Can't wait to see more!
*cue dramatic music* Heh
What is his goal I wonder... Beautiful page!
These two are adorable! I'm glad to see you're updating again-- it looks so great!
Awesome... Wow-- I love his smirk at the bottom of the page... ah... how avarice brings him down XD
"On top of that, with a man" XD Haha I'm so happy to see an update so soon! *layers you with love*
WOO! Yes! Yes! I'm so happy to see this updated T_T Poor Trish. Hehe.
WAH! That is too adorable! *swoon*
NO!!!! *cries a little on the inside*
Ahahaha! Little Liam finally knows the truth! XD Maybe now he'll realize he can do it with Ed!
WOAH! O_O *anticipating*
Awwwww.... Melody! So cute!
*sniffles* Wah- that made me tear up a little. It is so cute and describes love perfectly. That is so adorable. ;_;
Rochesters-- hehe. I live in Rochester =3
WOOO! FINALLY! It's smexy time!
Wow- Ed is showing his human side. Very nice =3