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Well, he is an artist. I'm guessing that he critiques the work in great detail. From here a few things can happen, Atty probably wouldn't show off his own work but might in his frazzled state and the old man could bad mouth it before tearing it up leading to them both verbally going at it maybe even with Atty evening the score(probably not that far as to tear up the portrait though).

Or The Old man Challenges him to 'BATTLE' and releases all his Pokemon starting a massive stampede wherein atticus can sneak around and steal stuff.

Maybe the Old man can't take it and starts overacting being in severe distress at which time Atty can steal stuff.

Of course there's always the whole he just doesn't, thereby forcing him to travel to Celedon in order to gt back Dragonthing!... Probably not through combat at first but it could devolve into that.
heh, None Piece reference.
Why do I get the feeling that what happens next will make his decision easier?