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Hello hello. I'm Kezzia but I hate my name and if you use it I keel j00! I am not an interesting person, okay. Go find something else to do.
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Ah corporal punishment, those were the days. Good times, man...good times.
Isn't that like a country? Like in the Caribbean.
Hey! 'Loevlies' is my bit! Mine, I tell you! MINE! *steals* :D Lovely page, there. Theo's shirt is full of awesomeosity! :3 (I like emoticons)
Ahhh! Cookies <3
No, no no story. That would make this picture using the collaboration for self advertising. And look at that, I've returned! We decided not to got to the beach after all. (I live in the Caribbean just so you know)
Ah ha, The first post belongs to me! Anyway, good job. You deserve your rest, we'll be waiting for chapter three so you better not run off or anything *watching you*
One again I'm SORRY to the people before me. I may not be on for a while so you shall just have to hold onto a cover I created for a story 'Saint' although it's sort of unrelated because God forbid I tell you guys ANYTHING around here with out artwork to back it up.

So here's Blaise 'the Guillotine' and his subordinate Radu 'If-I-Tell-You-My-Last-Name-I'll-Have-To-Kill-You'. Both Angels, just drawn with halos and no wings, XP Just so you know, I WON'T be posting 'Saint' on Smackjeeves so don't think this is advertising.
And for those of you who haven't figured it out (you probably haven't) the reason you can see the blue wave behind him is because his pretty white wings aren't really there. If his wings were really there then he'd have to take his shirt off wouldn't he (*wink *wink*) but I'll save that for another time.
Ah ha! New page! *pounce!* So many pages all at once! What manner of sorcery is this!? >:D
*marvels* Oooh. I couldn't. Lookit the ghostly blue.I am yet to discover how to do negatives so eighty-berzillion-and-one kudos for figuring out how to do what I couldn't. n_o
Vive le France!
Well, then! I've finally done it! Vive La France!, the coloured version. Cleaned up a bit to make it look neater, coloured to make it look pretty, muted to take away the cartoony effect and I added some nice words to show the title. I know that Mitani had posted a few pictures first and I really should wait my turn but I just had to put this up so any non-authors who are reading this, just remember that my co-authors are pretty much responisble for the good job I did and I possibly, you know, feel some degree of gratittude towards them. n_~ Enjoy!
Ah... I really don't want to see that. But I'll vote anyway, yah?
( -_-; 'None of your business')

lol. That's absolutely priceless! :D
XP This drawing sucks so badly so this is 'Vive La France' the uncoloured version. But I begged and pleaded and cried the other authors to join this collaboration. "Daku," they will say,"You begged and pleaded and cried to join this collaboration and you are not making a contribution. You'd better submit something or you'll get a very SEVERE duffing."
That's exactly whay they'll say. So eventually you'll get a coloured version. Just don't eat me in the meantime.
Violin? Ah-ha. Violins do not exist. 'Violins' are a hoax created by the Mafia. It's a cello! A cello I tell you! It's just really tiny and stuff. You know. Like a 'violin'.
Luck dog. All *I* can remember about being six is reading Calvin and Hobbes comics.
Ah-HA! First post once again! Anyway, I just love how you did the wings. And toning. *sigh* Maybe one day n_~. Anyway, congrat on on your new page pwnage! :D
*glomp* First post! n_~

Lovely page, once again. Wish I was attentive enough to actually finish one ;3

Anyway, nozmo you are officially the update master! *cheers*
EAT THEM! They're low caaarb!