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November 19th, 2018
Hey take your time and please take care of yourself!
Friendly to creepy real quick!😅
Awww! Go get your man, Jay!
Protect the CINNAMON ROLL!
Oooh, so what I'm hearing is that they're "spending the night together ". 😏
Hold up...Adrian just called Eric pretty! Me: gathers wood and tools. Already building the ship!
I actually was starting to think that he was a pushover, but I guess it's because he is(most likely) an adorable uke! 😏
I'm guessing Adrian and Vince are related somehow (blood or marriage, though they do look alike a little). Either that or Adrian likes Vince.
It's ok, take your time!
It's ok, take your time
I'm so glad you're back!
It's ok! I hope it works. I ain't going anywhere.
Shut up! The author has worked very hard! If you don't like reading this, then go do something else!