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2 updates in a week?!
Watermelon looks sick in that knight armour, is it any specific armour in the game or just similarly styled?
@Arcstrider Exo: he looks bad-a**
No idea
@Arcstrider Exo: it was meant to come out months ago (November) but they said they had to postpone it until a later date, i can't believe how long it's taken though.
Good luck!
We can wait for the new comic, it'll be fine (we've been patient enough with the official destiny comic XD) Are you allowed to say what the comic is for/about or what company it is? I really like the look of the new pokemon game, but i don't have a switch :(, maybe someone will make a copy for the 3ds or wii u if i'm lucky?
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): I'm joining the vanguard most likely, there's apparently some lore that is exclusive to the vanguard. (I'm also available if a vanguard position opens up for a loyal hunter XD), but i'll see what the gear is like first.
@Arcstrider Exo: I'm planning on getting invader, until then i'm using the solstice armour with an orange armour glow to confuse people, because there isn't an orange armour glow for gambit prime.
Translation of binary
@Textualfish: Safety, request
(Added/revised June 28)
Hostile input: 107792836292648302739
Detection radius; 800 m
Internal timer: 48 hours
The Traveller has given Greg new arms...Greg is a free elf-i mean dreg!
What kind of sorcery is this?
@lazesummerstone: It shows that if you don't have an account.

@A Bored I.T. Guy: you need to sign up here:
and then sign in on this webcomic.
@lazesummerstone: I find your lack of confusion quite disturbing.
@Heneedssomemilk : 'tis a thing of beauty, ne'er have mine eyes seen such beautiful lethality; such relentless style.
Y'know, except in D1.
(I have no idea why but I just felt like writing that way)
FotL masks
I wondered how they made the festival of the lost masks (the paper download ones) so i found out how it was done and decided to give it a go myself. I turned a mask i found on the google sketchup warehouse into a watermelon exo mask and put it into the pepakura designer, but couldn't save it without paying. I wasn't going to print it anyway, but if anyone would like to put the stl file into pepakura, then print and try to make it, anyone is free to. (unless lazesummerstone doesn't want this to be given out, in which case i will remove the file so nobody can access it anymore).

(idk if it will work that well though and it's not the best mask ever because i'm not that skilled at sketchup)

i made a watermelon exo mask in sketchup, anyone who wants to is free to try to print and make it.

Here's the link for the mask (you'll need the stl file to print it from pepakura):

Here's the link for pepakura:
It makes sense
@lazesummerstone I think you may be onto something, it would explain why we haven't seen him without his mask on and his armour shader appears to be a tiger colour scheme. Also, I don't see why bungie would just throw away the idea of the tiger man completely and he yells "You fight like an animal!"- maybe he is comparing you to himself?
@♠️Arcstrider Exo♠️: If you go into the collections in game there is a section which shows all festival of the lost masks available. You can only get Uldren's mask if you complete all of the events triumphs:(
Didn't you listen to him?
@Textualfish: "I am the crucible"
That would be amazing
@lazesummerstone: It would make some sense as well, they wouldn't just be removing content before they made the game and his "helmet stayed on".
@A Bored I.T. Guy: It starts on Tuesday 16th October at weekly reset. It was really good in the past, but it looks like it'll be a bit different this time (probably still good though).
Was this intentional?
Cattermelon exo (like in exploding kittens)
Dregula (dracula-technically Greg is probably a vandal now but...)
And Shaxx is dressed as Petra (but "the helmet stayed on")
Greg's going to get the light, like his ancestors used to?!?!?!