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I'm double majoring in English and Japanese at the University of Sydney, I love soccer (being a goalkeeper myself) and I'm a song from the 60's.
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    Daniel Kenny
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Heh, just spent the last half hour reading through all your comics. What an engaging storyline, and some great humour! I'll certainly be following what's to come :). Please continue to update!
Hehe, nice.
Hehehe I love your style. Very entertaining :P without being needlessly ridiculous!
LOL this is hilarious...fantastic work ;). I love the little 'mr doodle' guy, hehehe.
Wow.....this is some amazing artistry! You're able to capture the emotions of characters so well. It's truly amazing!

Just thought I'd offer a thankless compliment ;) keep it up!
Lol, I'll admit I don't read a lot of sprite comics, but this has a nice degree of self reflexivity to it ;). It can only come from being around the comic-block a couple of times, can't it?
Lol, this is quite well done. Nice!
Hahaha seriously though, wtf :P?

Hen da ne :|
Friggin hell, lol. You're one funny dude :P.