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I'm a person who has too much time on their hands and not enough things to fill it with.
I STILL CAN'T GET OVER THAT SLIGHT STUBBLE! Ax looks good with slight stubbles. xD
edit: I just realized I only typed "pft" before pressing enter and I want to say more.

Wolfy or Trix needs to come in and go for the throat and not let go until the body stops shaking. Props to anyone who gets the reference.
@LonLonMarin: He's got a door, run. (Hopefully, it's just the door.)
I want to see that. If anyone doesn't want to see them, shame on them.

Honestly just looking at the comic, it makes me want to draw wolves/dogs more often, so I can get better at those.(I'm currently stuck on trying to make my human drawings look better, so in turn Im not keeping practiced in other things.)
"I got places to be, and being with you isn't one of them."-Trixie
@Prior Semblance: Honestly I'd just do what the rocket guy did and take it when they weren't looking. I know what you are trying to say, and I agree "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few." What Atty is doing is selfish and harmful, and people will do something selfish and harmful to others for someone they love.

I get your viewpoint and I know what he is doing is wrong, I am selfish enough to put the lives of many in a dump for the few I love. This, however, is not an excuse, I would know it would be wrong but if someone told me to press a button that would save a person I cared for but would kill someone I didn't know, yeah I would do it.

Atticus is a young adult and they are prone to doing selfish things, I know I'm stereotyping- sue me. He is currently not in a stable mind. Atticus is being blackmailed by a group he joined, he's already in real deep and scared, he is going to make those bad choices.

When you are in a situation like what Atty is in you are going to make those terrible choices that hurt others. Yes, what he doing is wrong, and it is hurting other people.

You didn't use the right example for this situation. You wouldn't do that for a strangers dog, you would be more likely to ignore and avoid it if anything. Atticus was blackmailed to do this, he didn't just see the guy take some random person's pokemon, no the guy took Dragon-Thing and then blackmailed him.

I state again, what Atticus did isn't right and isn't ethically correct. You see everyone has this picture perfect Idea of what they would do in a really bad situation, but the truth is you don't know how you'd react until you got there. You might end up doing what Atticus did, something really selfish that will harm others.

Sorry for making you read a book.
This is a moment where I hate George, I don't mind her righteousness, but trying to push that onto Atticus is being selfish. It may be the 'wrong' way to get Dragon-thing back, but it shows that he cares for Dragon-thing. Personally, I would do what Atticus is doing.

Atticus knows what he is doing is wrong, but he's doing a thing that someone his age would do, he's vulnerable. I don't really hate George, but what she is doing to Atticus really isn't fair, especially in his PoV. On the other side what he's doing to all those people isn't fair either.
The feels have overstayed its unwelcomed welcome, it needs to leave.
Do you know those times to where you're reading/watching something and you just want a character to just do something very stupid but hilarious during an intense scene?
@toherrys: Vard should really start hitting on other people, he's good at it.
I called it, I was looking through other updated comics before doing this one, saving it for last, and I thought..."what if he hit the elf guy who cut Ina's arm off in the face?" and I broke into laughter at the thought. I forgot Ilmaris's name. I'm bad with character names, even worse when it comes to real people.
9I would try to make a witty or snarky comment but I'm too mentally tired to think of one. Yes, kynetic energy is a bitch. oh, I came up with sumthin. KYNetic. wait...Ina's arm seems weird......
Boi, has no one ever told ya not to fall asleep in the water!????
Okay no one probably, but still it is bad to fall asleep in a bath don't do it. xD
She's so pretty. "He looked so differnet then, then the fire nation attacked." (I couldn't help myself. XD)
@shaliara: pshhh same thing :3 but interesting