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I'm a person who has too much time on their hands and not enough things to fill it with.
The only time Sergel ever gets angry- when others start eating without giving thanks for the food.
Seeing Amy's shoes made me think... WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY NEED, LIKE REALLY NEED, NEW SHOES!?
om nom nom
The poor doe, at least Trixie and Sergel will be helping her by putting her out of her misery. Sergel is just like "woof woof, omg chasing things is so fun- I forgot how this felt"
Kostin might've tried to stay awake to listen to that, we don't know, we never will know.
Why the heck does this guy strike me as manipulative?
@Jarvi: I see.*rubs non-existent beard.*
@Jarvi: Didn't you read? It's not pizza, they're open-faced-Italian burritos.
We don't need an extra pair of hands on this ship, go away creepy and shadowy hands.
I don't think either of them really wants to let go. lol
I can't with these two, they are adorable together, alone they are like "rawr," but together they are like "mew." My analogy for this is so stupid.
He's too precious for this world.
The star on the headboard to the bed was screwing me over, I kept thinking "WHY IS IT CHANGING COLORS!?" then I noticed that the star was a star-shaped cut in the headboard and that a window is behind it.
Sergel is adorable, it'll be okay Sergel.
@znuff: I haven't even really looked at your conversation with the other person, but The artist is trying their best and that attitude will not help them. The artist could make you pay to read, remember that. I believe no artist needs to give more when they are late, it just puts more stress on them.
He lied. And his mom bought it? Is she that unintelligent? But, he lied. He LIED.
HAHA, the hover text got me "Nothing says bad boy like black lung," I find it more amusing than I should.
That really ain't calming, 'A' for effort Mischief.
May he rest in peace, because he got to kick someone in the special place- he deserves a nap. This was planned to turn dark then it turned... nice?