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y are you even reading this?

I'm just a random guy who has depression and social issues and Probably should be doing something more important. Extremely unlikely that I will ever post anything. Just hoping people feel better about life than I do. (sometimes? IDK)

Likes- Dogs, pokemon and other video games, memes, loyal friends, reading, using sarcasm, puns, etc

Dislikes- most cats (i'm allergic), school, people who curse to much, tbh people in general usually, small talk, a-holes, etc

(who would have thought?! my dislikes are longer than my likes! how surprising! "sarcasm")

now go back to something more important. unlike me.

go away

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yayy! u not dead!
@rym218: oh it is good to know that everything is gong well! Just wasn't seeing much of you in your usual places so i worried a bit, but great to see u ^^
Where's rym?
Tbh this is starting to worry me...he hasn't uploaded anything here or DA in months, sometimes reaching over a year...plz rym, give us a sign that you're alright
i am terra wee
give me more apperances k thank
it's my char actually
he's ground type
Love expressions in panel 3!
YEEE it starts
great page, Nick is definitely me on the average day.
How could you say no to the face on panel 3?
why is there a book for this?
pffft! grey what did you expect?
over the years
This comic has come a long way since the wonders of the spiky butt. lols
Manaphy is doing a sanic
this single page explains a lot such as:
-who killed bern's mother
-who is the bad guy/girl

But more questions pop up like WHY THO
keep up the great work and see you at the end of the hiatus!
@Nashew: Is it really a "new" charater if this page is set in the past? Great page tho
@TheJGamer: and kill your entire body based on how uncontrollable Amber is?
@StarlightNexus-Chan: wait in the last panel does it say mana or am i just stupid
wait whos his aunt again?
yee first comment
its a lot better than if i did it