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@Hoagie: lmao, yes please x)
Not very important but...

What is he sitting on?
So...she's not a perfect mother?! Egad!

No, but seriously I feel bad for this woman. In a world where you have a 'perfect match,' I can't even imagine what it's like to be with someone you're not tied too. There must be tremendous pressure to find that perfect match, and I wouldn't be surprised if people, for lack of a better word, settled for 'good enough if that pressure got to be too much or if they were getting older. Also, can we really say that she didn't love her husband in the beginning of their relationship?

Now, I'm not saying that everything she did was okay. She made mistakes. But I dare anyone reading the comic to say they've never made a mistake. Being human comes with making mistake. Raising another human comes with making mistakes, That includes big mistakes.

Again, I'm not saying that anything that she did was ok, but I also think that she deserves a little empathy.
@VadanDrumist: I completely agree with you.

As readers, we tend to forget that the background and supporting characters do not have the same information we have. This often leads people to judge harshly any character that does not worship or immediately see the greatness of the main character(s).

Also, what is the difference between us assuming that this character is sexist and (the possibility of) this character assuming she is unfit for combat merely for being a woman?
I found this comic by accident, but I already love it.
You know it's a great comic when you can't understand half of it, and you still enjoy it immensely.
I'm currently in that "I read this comic in a day and now I crave more" situation.

The art is so beautiful, and I love the plot. I can't wait for the next update!
Thank you
@Guest: Lmao, thank you for being one of the few reasonable commenters. I feel every time there is a 'bully' character in a comic, readers automatically think it would be alright for the main character(s) to act with extreme violence against them.

Did Bully Dave stick a wad of gum in Hero Johnny's hair? Beat him to a pulp Johnny!

Now, I know that readers have good reason to dislike Liam; we have only seen him behave in asinine, rotten ways--but we know nothing about him. If this story followed him instead of Howie and Sooch, I feel that readers would be aggravated with Soooch, even if they did not fully agree with Liam's behavior.

So, again, thank you.