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@Oly-RRR: I've never experienced it with trains :o (yet, it'll start happening all the time now, lol)

Every time.
@gurber super busy atm :(
I need an adult, but one who is better than me.

Happy Easter :)
@Swagner: a lot of those posts I've seen tend to be straw men tbh.
@The_mad_one: all the time, unfortunately.
I uploaded this really late and was too sleep deprived to write a coherent description. Anyways, I'll try.

This isn't anyone in particular, this is more an observation.

When anyone posts something featuring an overweight person, if it gains traction, people feel the need to point out that they need to lose weight, or just spout general negativity. If it's trying to convey a positive message it's almost not allowed (don't promote that unhealthy lifestyle, don't normalise obesity, you can't be body positive unless you're XX weight). Many just disguise their cruel comments as insincere, unnecessary concern.

There are so many reasons a person may be the weight they are (this include all body types, not just fat). Don't assume. We're all allowed to feel good about ourselves every now and then (especially if you aren't society's standard of attractive or you're usually riddled with crippling body image).

Be good to people, the world's ugly already, it doesn't need this kind of hate.

purr purr purr

Happy cat activated.
Good thing you're cute cat...

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/RIH4LnT.png">
@sentiashinou: haha that's a fun idea! :D
What have I dooonnneee?

Don't quote The Bee Movie.
@JupiterJones: strawberry sauce lol (allegedly)
@SomiJuli: *nibble nibble* ... it probably has fleas
@Chasyn: It is known mostly as 'The Unicorn', though sometimes it's called 'What the hell is that??' or 'Please stop peeing on my carpet, how is so much coming out? It doesn't seem possible'.
Staying on track.
I wonder how many unicorns I could get for my soul ... at least 1?
What a kooky guy that doctor is.
Such suspense ...