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I am a silly man, the kind of man with breasts.

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Comment on Stress Free of Anything about nothing
kangel, 07 Apr 2015 04:32 pm
Rule 34
@orangensaft: you people are obsessed. I can guarantee that there will never be any rule 34 here, not by my hand anyway. That isn't an invitation for other people to try, if anyone does try they're banned. Banned from what you ask? Just banned (the real fear in that threat is the ambiguity)
Comment on Finders Keepers of Anything about nothing
kangel, 03 Apr 2015 05:09 pm
(It's Easter weekend, no chocolate egg received yet, still holding out hope, will keep you updated)

This is based on a true story, in that a woman came up to me and asked me if a rogue dog (though it was a chihuahua and I don't know if I class anything smaller than a cat as a dog) was mine. Now that's where real life and this comic deviate, in reality I told her no, that is not my dog.
I have since learnt that the chihuahua lives in one of the houses across the road from me and is called Poppy. It seems she gets out a lot. I assume it's because of her tiny size, that is how my mother keeps escaping anyway.

Also the dog in this comic is not a chihuahua. Mostly because I couldn't draw a chihuahua from memory so it's just this random dog (maybe a Pomeranian/lab cross). I name it Mabel, it can look in 2 directions at once.
Comment on Stress Free of Anything about nothing
kangel, 25 Mar 2015 07:36 pm
Sometimes I think about comic ideas in the bath and then I think about spiders. It's a natural progression.

I don't really mind spiders but I don't want their lifeless corpse floating around in the water around me. No one wants that.
Comment on Wow, look at that cat of Anything about nothing
kangel, 17 Mar 2015 06:24 pm
It's a metaphor. The cat represents you, you are a sexy cat, flaunt your stuff.
I'm joking, that would be ridiculous, you are not a sexy cat.

Don't worry too much about any confusing cat related feelings you're undoubtedly experiencing right now, just go with it.
Comment on Selling Point of Anything about nothing
kangel, 17 Mar 2015 05:10 pm
@Arie: the wedding comment was more about the price than the pockets but I'd love pockets in a wedding dress
Comment on Relax, DON'T WORRY of Anything about nothing
kangel, 10 Mar 2015 05:40 pm
Do you ever just suddenly get a feeling of random panic for seemingly no reason? This is what the comic is about ... or perhaps there is a deeper meaning to it? Maybe we have to look between the panels. Perhaps but definitely not. This comic is shallow, shallow like a puddle. A puddle on a hot day. Did I mention I am tired?

Today I befriended a random cat, and by that I mean it let me pet it. Good day.
Comment on Selling Point of Anything about nothing
kangel, 03 Mar 2015 04:35 pm
@SandSan: noooo
Comment on Selling Point of Anything about nothing
kangel, 03 Mar 2015 04:09 pm
We didn't buy the dress because it was like £24 or something. I don't have that much money to spend on dresses, this isn't my wedding. Sheesh.

Pockets man ... pockets
Comment on Assistance of Anything about nothing
kangel, 24 Feb 2015 06:21 pm
@Drizzt123: game of the year

@Takai: shortish (depending who I'm stood next to)
Comment on Assistance of Anything about nothing
kangel, 24 Feb 2015 06:04 pm
... shop assassin?

Around Christmas I was trying to reach something from the shelf and it was juuuusssst out of my reach. My finger tips brushed against the box (it wasn't cereal, this comic is full of lies). If only you were an inch taller you'd reach this, the shelf mocked me. Ha ha ha it said (or would have if it could speak).
Anyway, after several minutes of trying to reach the box I knew full well I could not reach a shop assistant came over and offered to get it for me.
And that is the end of this really mundane story I have typed out for you. Were you expecting some kind of punchline or witty anecdote among those letters? There is none of that, just mediocrity. That's all I have to offer. Imagine my autobiography (57 pages of cats and dogs).

If you're curious about my height I am around 7 feet tall. That may seem tall to you but I live in a town of giants. It's all about perspective....

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