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I am a silly man, the kind of man with breasts.

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Comment on Good Boy of Anything about nothing
kangel, 01 Dec 2015 05:44 pm
Most people will tell you their dog is the best dog. They're probably right, I know I was.

He was put to sleep back in July of this year (2 weeks before his birthday). This was hard to make, I am emotional.

He was wonderful and I still miss him. It took a while before I stopped expecting to see him when I walked down the stairs, or hear his tail thumping when he heard me coming (on the subject of tails, have you heard of a condition called happy tail? It's not happy at all, it's messy. Jay had it once, the kitchen looked like a scene from a horror movie).

Looking after an old, disabled dog can be hard but it's worth it. I like to think he's jumping around in doggy heaven, or in people heaven (there has to be dogs in people heaven or what's the point?).

You can see a larger version of this comic over on Tapastic here
Comment on In the Name of Anything about nothing
kangel, 10 Nov 2015 05:08 pm
He also likes plastic bags. Cat things.
His face in the first panel is my most and least favourite thing. I offer to explanation.

I'm so busy lately, I don't even have time to sleep but I do because if I don't then I'll probably crash my car. But maybe I'll crash it into Bruce Pitt (that's Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt's illegitimate love child they don't want you to know about. He has a pet macaw named Oliver and likes to wear hats) and we'll have an adventure. Probably not though, a lot of that is made up.
Comment on Insomnia Cure of Anything about nothing
kangel, 04 Nov 2015 02:23 pm
@Nice-ness: I am you
Comment on Insomnia Cure of Anything about nothing
kangel, 03 Nov 2015 05:04 pm
I like breakfast
Comment on Trick or Treat of Anything about nothing
kangel, 01 Nov 2015 03:41 pm
@andreya225: everything is connected
Comment on Winter is Coming of Anything about nothing
kangel, 20 Oct 2015 05:13 pm
I don't know if it's actually winter or not yet, pretty confident it's still Autumn actually, all I know is it's really cold so nothing matters. My cat has done a poo in the room somewhere, can't see it ... only smell it. I know that seems a little unrelated to anything but I can smell it and it's invading my thoughts.

There's a dead butterfly in the kitchen. It's been there for a couple of weeks now. Both me and my brother have acknowledged the butterfly but neither have made efforts to remove it. I'll keep you updated.

I forgot the giveaway. I will do that tomorrow. Or the day after. I will try to remind myself. My brain is mush.
Comment on Hunger Games, a summary of Anything about nothing
kangel, 14 Oct 2015 03:44 am
@Henning: and what people were saying about it/random bits on the internet :)
Comment on Stationary Fun of Anything about nothing
kangel, 13 Oct 2015 05:22 pm
I can't wait to be a dad.

You can spot a dad if they are wearing a sweater vest. If someone is wearing one 100% they are a dad and have countless terrible jokes and bad dance moves. Trust me, I know of science.
Comment on Life Goals of Anything about nothing
kangel, 06 Oct 2015 05:04 pm
I had a similar conversation with a relative at a family get together. I was partly joking but also telling the truth. This is the plan. No regrets.

I've been playing Until Dawn lately. Saved the dog. That's a win for me.
Comment on Serving Suggestions of Anything about nothing
kangel, 30 Sep 2015 04:37 pm
Don't tell me what to do food packaging, I'm not falling for your tricks again.

I eat the whole bag because I have no friends to share the chocolates with. Not really, that's a lie, I have friends, I'm just making up excuses for my poor life choices. I mean they're small choices, but there are a lot of them and they mount up and eventually you've run out of excuses why you've spent the last bit of your wage on mittons for your cats (because they're making too much noise).

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