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ಠ_ರೃ I say!
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These buff Pokemon keep following me everywhere. It's a blessing and a curse. They only appear when no one else is around. The photos are always corrupted. Worrying.

I made pin badges.
<img src="" width="300">
You can get 'em here if you like.
Oh hey, a comic.

When a cat winks at you it means they have chosen you (no one knows what for but it's assumed it's something good).
Merry Christmas!

Which reindeer do you relate to? I'm Cupid.

No on is Bernard.
It's the end of the world and land mermaid is the only sentient creature that remains. There is a constant orange haze and the sun seems to be suspended in a state of setting, though it never moves. A town of solar powered roombas exist somewhere. They do not stop. They cannot.
How did the world end? It just did one day.
Land mermaid is completely alone. Are they happy? They cannot say for this is all they've ever known. So they walk, guided by a song from a forgotten time. Why do they know the song? They don't know. Nothing makes sense.
Woke me up so I decided to draw it since I couldn't fall back to sleep.
Anyways, that's my interesting story behind the comic.

I'm excited to be a part of this book project which is full of a whole bunch of amazing comic people (and me)
( ゚д゚)
<img src="">

<img src="">
Check it out if ya like :-)


P.S. What the heck is this?

Double gosh.

Love you, bye.
@Azazel: Honestly, if you knew the person playing him, this would not come as a surprise XD
@Zhangsun: he told us several times that was exactly what he wanted to look like XD
Been playin' some Dungeons and Dragons.
(If you're wondering, the plan didn't work. No one expected it to)
Maybe I'll have more of these.
I don't get it.
Not really a personal experience, more of an observation.

<small>(Though I did just start Overwatch on PC and so many people are so mean. I'll play Junkrat if I want to >:I )
@Rowboat: If you make an account on smackjeeves you can make a user :)
I watched the Seymour episode of Futurama and I can never watch it again. Cry forever. Now I'll always be prepared.

Bonus panel and high res download of the comic on my patreon. Some random ramblings there too. Bunch of stuff.
Oops, reupload because the it was invisible last time ...

Merry Christmas!! Eat lots of food. Have lots of fun!
@Anzar: Can you send me an email if you haven't gotten yours yet :o
(Long Oliver is canon now)
@Djoing: That's so much better than Cat Worm, which was what I was referring to it as until now.