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Pig child
Your a father now Ned. Good job.
@MalluriaBP: what's your profile pic from??
I don't know what happened :T
Okay I've read this 3 times and not once has TJ asked Sonya who her dad is
I guess that's why people call kissing


Also comment virginity
Tell them that you're in your period, always works.
Tbh I thought they were siblings
Where's the rest?
Wait does he still have his pants on?
@JadeDrawerOnyx: Super Sexy!
*In a busy with binoculars, spying on them* Now kiss!
@yasha.queen: I feel like a recognize you from another comic....

*Cough cough* Boyfriend *Cough Cough*
Kinda looks like Yurio from Yuri on ice.
@sstogner1: sorry I didn't mean to sound rude -~-
Lazy Saturdays (?)
@sstogner1: If you paid attention to the comic, it says kissing will break the strung.
Is it bad that I ship the parents more than I ship Doug and Ned?