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King Eevee
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Plot twist, she thinks the art is awesome and still wants Articus to draw her
Holy cow, I finally caught up! This comic is really good and addicting to read lol
Why do I feel like the Meinshao is dying first?
@RacingWolf Just found this comic and am already loving it! Keep up the good work. :)
@Blaze01: Did you not see the Torracat?
@racingwolf Hey! It's you! XD
*Zeke the Heracross has joined your party.*
When M2 said: If he'd told you 'black was white, you'd have believed him, was he talking about colors or people?
Awesome cover Hachel. Can't wait for the actual story though
*Jirachi appears* Wish granted! Lol xd
I just want to know when Volume 2 is coming out :) Hachel this is awesome.