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I'm a 16 year old Asian male living in the province Ontario in the Canada. I spend a lot of my hours working and the rest is spent in front of either my computer or my video games. Needless to say, my life is pretty boring; much like this bio. I am completely stressed with work and such. Im an Overachiever with the fact I make to "many comics" and barely update all of them.
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You guys really must hate me for this.
Sorry guys, but atleast the comic is in a better place. For the new remake go to the link:

Fans, if your still out there then just follow that link and read on. Favourite it too.
The forums link is:
Am I dead? Or am I alive? How long as it been since I made a comic? I'm not sure. All I know is that, I made a new Death note comic...
Haha. I wish I did. But I got it off Google. Just search, "Pedo Bear" Of Google or something.
Awesome! Great job.
The only time being late is good!
Why doesn't this comic get any FANS?!!
Hey hey! Don't get me wrong, I didn't say it's not funny. It's just certain reasons I don't like it.
When's Kirby going to meet Michael Jackson? He's been in the video game world!
Eventually I will. :3
Pretty short, let alone I didn't think of much. A fan character was introduced. ;)
Meh, short. Haha, it looks like Savaric has no pants nor shirt on. Not to mention I've found a spelling mistake.
Link's busting his cap up his ass.

I appreciate the advice. I'll check over my work for now.
Thanks for the advice.
Pretty easy stuff.
What's a hadgehog? It's hedgehog is it not?
Sweet Justice! The comic has 50 fans already?! Thanks to all the fans who fav'd the comic! I owe a big thanks to you all!