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I'm just a crazy person who likes random people. xD
I have drawings `n I'll post them when I can. They suck, but what the hell? ;D

+procrastinating. :3
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Kudos to her for putting up with Harvestman's "emergencies" to a certain degree.
But this is just too cute for words.
I just love these two so much. <3

Oh! Everyone's probably already seen this, cuz I'm last to know about everything, but thought I'd share the Harvestman and Scapegrace love:
Aw Jimmy, don't apologize. D:
The guy had it coming to him
Hahaha! Poor Theo -- and after that epic running face he made. xD
Poor Crane....
the emotion this page screams... it slays me. SLAYS.

But don't sweat the grammar stuff. Everybody makes typos and grammar errors now and then. C:
August 25th, 2011
That arrow... that damn arrow just bloody skewered him.
I hope you feel better soon, man. Be sure to get lots of rest!

On a side note, is that a Naga? Or just a distant relative? :D
Aw~ He even brought you flowers! How sweet. >w<
So adorable!
Congrats on the fans~
Poor baby. D:

But the doctor looks so amazing in panel eight, plus the stare scene in panel ten is just epic! >w<
Such a cute Ladybug! <3
Pft. Lovely humor~.

But on a different note, this page is amazing.
Congrats on the 1000+ fans. :D

As for ideas, um -- tossing this out there: Have one of the mermaids in a goldfish bowl and have Fain hold it. Or something.
As soon as I can draw something better than scribbles, I'll try to join? -shotshotshot-

Navi always got on my nerves....
Haha, epic. It's always entertaining to watch other people experiment with their vocal chords when they're altered~.

But the expressions on this page... <3
I love the expressions on this page -- so damn cute. <3
-sob- poor Scapegrace! ;-;

Even so, lovely page.
Those poor dead brain cells....