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I'm that girl that you meet when you are walking down the street one day, you know that really short one that smiles a bit too much.

And then I'll wave at you, random stranger and smile too broadly and we will walk down the street together, you and I.

We shall talk for hours about things like why is the sky a constant shade of lavender purple and coral orange and why is are Altoids so minty (especially those mango favor ones) and how the green clock in my room cries so much and if the stuff animals talk smack about us behind our backs, even when they looks at us with those innocent eyes.

And then we shall part because Mango Land needs me, and the King is helpless without his loyal raconteur and Captain of the Guards there by is oh-so yellowish side.

I shall wave farewell and you will be on your way until you realize I have just stolen your woolen hat, freshly knitted scarf and hours of your free time.

And you shall turn back and see that there is none there. Perhaps there never was and I had all been a dream.

But you continue on your way, a bit discouraged but generally hopeful, that you have not been caught in the strange web of words that came out of her mouth.
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Ekk! I'm llaatteee!
Sorry for the delay...I was sick last week and I didn't want to do anything but sleeeeeep and stuff my mouth with cough drops. ><
But I'm better now and shall continue comic-ing! Yay!
Yay new page! Technical it hasn't been a week yet. XD I need to set a real updating schedule though. Sorry if I seem a bit whiny a few This week has been insane and it's been putting me a bit down...BUT IT'S FINE NOW! :D I just need to catch up on everything~

Tobias is insanely hard to draw. XD I hope that he does get less difficult.
Anyways, THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE! <3 I super appreciate it! <3
Thank you for your encouragment! <3 I guess I'm just a bit down right now. TT__TT Its been a long week!
AGGHHH. Drawing is so hard sometimes. I think the best analogy I can think of is the first time I went snowboarding. I fell on my ass every two feet, picked myself up and fell again. I did this all the way down the mountain, and then I climbed back up to the top and repeated the process for 4 hours.

That is what drawing is to me. Yet I can't seem to stop. Why? Am I a masochist? Do I get some kind of enjoyment by getting tortured and frustrated by my own work?

I don't know. I guess I have this small hope that one day the frustration and the pain would disappear and then the art would flow out me like CO2. Like a sort of enlightenment. That is what people tell me will happen if I just keep on practicing.
For now, I can do nothing but blindly believe. Because sometimes, that is the only thing that keeps me going.

Anyways...that has nothing to do with the comic page. XD OR MAYBE IT DOES, IDK. Drawing is tough, man.

Enjoy for now! I still plan update 2x a week! Lets see how that does!
@Galinda: I hope that is a good reaction! It's been like 3 years since I updated, so I'm glad that you didn't delete me off the favorite list! XD Thanks though!
WHELP HELLO! So this must be how a zombie feels when she roses from her grave and realizes that she is now undead.
Did think you would ever see this pop back up from your faves after 3 years of silence!
HELLO! New people and old people!

The next 60 or so pages will be a one-shot, starting Tobias! Tobias is that light-blue hair guy one page ago (and the white haired guy in the banner above)! I would like to think that my art has improved since then!
I'm leaving everything up so if you want to read some old pages, you totally can! I'm not ashamed of them!

I'll start posting next week, 2x a week! I can already say that the style will change as the pages go on. I'm still experimenting. Hopefully, about 20 pgs in, I will find something that I'm comfortable with!

Anyways, any criticism or advice will be happily taken, so feel free to say whatever you want. And thank you dropping by. I hope you have a pleasant ride~

(And I will also be changing this ancient layout for something else. What that is? I have no clue, guys. XD)
Hey, thanks anyways! XD You were like the only one that commented! At least you where at the party! Even though it was a short party!
Thanks for reading! That really about it for now! Love to hear your comments, of course!

When was this posstteedd? XD I didn't even know.

It looks awesome Pinali! It is so perfect and delicate, and the colors that you used totally set the mood! <3 <3
I hope you didn't have to much trouble with my lines though! You did a super amazing job with it! O__O
Wow, it's late here. I should go to sleep...

Well, enjoy, who ever sees this!

Happy Father's Day btw.
This was actually the last page I drew, only a few hours before it was due and a few minutes before I had to print out 10 copies.

So, of course, it is the crappiest page~

I took a comic book class where the teacher gave us free reign to do whatever we want and this was it's result.

All these pages was drawn in one month and manymany sleepless nights. I was a bit overly ambitious, but now I know what I can do if I really do if I stick with it.

If you are in the LA area, there is a comic book store called Meltdown that actually has a few of these on sale, in there mini-comic section. It's all cool. XD

I think I will be uploading like 1-2 a day. When ever I feel like it.
I just realized that my file names for all the .psd in my comic folder are COMPLETELY off. D: I must change them allll!

Also I upgraded to Opera 10! YAY.

...School is starting soon. Next week actually. Nuuu! D:

Very simple page today! *draws moorree*
I'm pretty sure I won't have a comic up this week so I have this picture instead. :D

He's Alex. He's one of the main characters of the comic so you will see him later on.
I liked this picture at first but now I don't know how I feel about it. D: I had no clue how the background was going to look like when I started so the lighting got strange and confusing. Boo.
I only like bits and pieces of it. Maybe I'll make it into the next banner. XD *is a banner addict*

...I'm so tired I don't even know what to say.

*stares blankly at ceiling for a while*

...Oh well, there is always the edit button.

Now I sleep. Good night. *dies on bed*
Hello, Linden, my sole commenter! :D
*nibbles on you!*


...I don't have much to say about this...which is rather rare. D:
Rawr. I lost track of time again. ;_;

I have been working on and off for a the past week. I finally finished it in the past two days.

It felt like it took two weeks though. D:
I was about to add birds but then I was like "No. -_-" I'm sure it will add a few more days to this pic. XD

Bastion looks pretty happy where he is. But who do you think had to haul the throne up 10 flights of stairs?

Semi, Nic and Alex: -_- one has any idea what I'm talking about but me. :D
I was actually planning to do something else completely but things came up:

1. My pens ran out of ink. D:
2. I'm too broke to afford new ones.
3. I don't have enough desk space to use my nib pens.
4. My scanner still sucks.

So from now on, I guess I'm going back to doing things all digital. ;_;
I was planning to make the prologue a lot longer, but if I have to draw Than or Ardenel again, I will stab some one.

So I think I have to forgo it and put up a text page...or something?

Everyone just loves Bastion. :D
I'm shaking off my cold and I feel a lot better nows! :D Yays! I also discovered that I have very VERY weird dreams when I'm sick. O_o

I am also a bit tired of drawing Than and Ardenel. D: Come on other characters. XD

*waves at the 44 fans* Hiis! XD