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Little Todd & co. are adorable. And that watercolory effect on the flashback looks GREAT!

YESSS you're baaaack
I love how your character designs are so simple but unique at the same time. They all have so many characteristic things that it's almost impossible to confuse them. That's talent right there.

By the way I think Petunia is my favorite out of all your characters. Her overall design is just so brilliant T_T it brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Aha, so he's the reason why Petunia looks so beat up. UGH HIS HAND IS SO PRETTY
Haha, I love how he yells 'STOP' and expects her to obey.

Oh no, where did the magical flower pin go?
We all saw it coming... but it's still SO FUNNY.

Question: Petunia, do you ever take off those earrings? Wait, ARE THOSE YOUR EARS?
WHOA Petunia could join the circus with that kind of HOP. That is one hip hop.
Fly, hairpin, fly to FREEDOOOOM
Don't tell me she sleeps on those newspapers at night...

Cuz that's just really sad.

Though she lacks a desk, chairs, and everything else that's sort of necessary, at least she DOES have a picture frame.

I knew Mr.Conductorman would get another appearance.

I cracked up at the thought of Allison bursting into Petunia's apartment to save her from the terrible oatmeal fire.

Awww, depressed Petunia is so darn cute. No wonder Allison likes to freak her out.

I love his amazingly good impression of Mr. Conductor's creepy grin.
Hmm... 23 in the 1920s... aha! HE MUST BE SKYE'S GREAT GRANDPA.

Oh I love how outraged and horrified Petunia seems to be upon hearing Allison's age. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Oh man. You're so brilliant at drawing creepy/creeped out expressions, nozmo. I applaud you and that hand you draw with.
Such talent <3
Knowing your skillz in hiding future characters in early panels, I bet that guy in that poster is not just anyone. Then again, the fact that he's on a poster already makes him a significant somebody...

In other news, Petunia's thinking face is just adorable.
Haha, I love Mr. Passerby who managed to slip into the last panel within the time that Petunia was falling.

That's talent right there.
Ooooh, such grim paper folding.

Petunia's face is priceless <3 What a cutie.
You always make such prominent signs. They're so full of meaning and... and truth.
Only YOU can prevent forest f-...


Can't wait to see more!