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I like comics, eating, pokemon, and videogames
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    Santiago sugo
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Heros how original.......
Second last panel is the best one
Awwww, now that’s cute!!
What a way to start a chapter
This is about leafeion and glaceion
Knew it!! (Read comments in the last page)
@Vappy: if sylvia was her cousin then Brian with the blue scarf will be her cousin and he is not
She stats that Speedy aka jolteion is to dumb to know that glaceion loves him even if she confessed
Also I think there will be a special chapter 5
@PermiumGiyman did you not read vaporion’s thoughts in speakable chapter 2?
I just want to say that pearl is espeion
Please let them see there real mother alive!!! Please!!!!!!
Dat question leafion asks
Brick to the face twice in a few seconds
Reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll Smooth