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I stop in every once in a blue moon, but for any of the old guard that wish to contact me I'm always on steam:

Over & Out
i started something i shouldnt have
why do the other soldiers look like they have downs syndrome
fuck all of you

sent from my iPhone
cletus is my hero
what the fuck is going on
@Shadow Lugia you've been given comic posting permissions

do with them what you will
come back to me bb join our discordos
this comment chain gave me AIDS
perfection takes time, Geebs
can you do it for me
im never making sprite comics again

goodbye forever
Sprite wise, this is my favorite page. Bunch of all-original pixel art for it. I especially like the sprite of S.L melting.

Oh and also welcome to the most horrible thing in the known universe. I hope you see it in your nightmares.
1. I honestly didn't plan to do anything more with Supa's eyepatch I just wanted him to be the cheeky black man at first for the sake of a joke. Happy with where I took it, though.

2. It was a struggle to write dialogue that sounded like it could have actually come out of S.L's mouth. It has to be a vague combination of overwritten, smug, and nonsensical to really feel accurate. How'd I do?
This is the only fucking other page transparency decided it wanted to work on. I don't know why. w/e I guess
This one might be my favorite effects wise. I really like the colors.

That and the war-zone in panel 1 (which features a cameo by Blue, longtime affiliate with the comic.)
Here we go.
Can y'all believe the last comic posted here, and my last sprite comic, was in February of 2012?

The comic lacked a cover, and this is also being uploaded at the same time as the first page of the Grand Finale. (The next page!)

You'll notice I've updated the History & About pages (located in the Library.) The Library is also host to an animated version of this cover.

The History page now features a 'Director's Cut' post explaining what ASM was originally 'supposed to be' from SMF, the guy who started us off here.

About page has been updated to account for spelling/formatting errors on S.L's part and the death of numerous image links since Imageshack is a notorious piece of shit that cannot be trusted. Half the comic's archive has fallen to time because of that host's bullshit. w/e

Welcome to The Grand Finale. With any luck it will be my last sprite comic forever and always, as I fully intend for that to be the case.
Anyway, please enjoy.

Fun fact: While S.L has authorship here, I long ago stripped him of any privileges when he secretly came out of retirement to edit the background of the site to read 'FUCK ADMIN' over and over.
transparency is now outlawed which makes the last panel a lot more confusing than it otherwise would be

no i dont know why im doing this