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I stop in every once in a blue moon, but for any of the old guard that wish to contact me I'm always on steam:

Over & Out
will you let me lick the undersides of your feet
Why the fuck has everyone been removed as an author

Me specifically

What's going on here
I can't tell if we're having fun or not

Do you want to sit on papa cman's knee and tell him what's wrong
Don't worry yours was funny too
/pol/ did a funny
@eishiya: When were the other times, if you can remember?

Well shit son it's back
Fuck you I thought we agreed that we'd let it die


Fuckin' fantastic
@NME: I've been thinking of starting a comic, made a couple pages to get the feel of things. It's certainly been a while since I last made any sprite comics.
Hurrah! Yeah, one of you two posted that link on one of my older submissions; you'd both made sprites in the style. :P

I'm glad you two like what I've done. Specifically Risky, as I seem to find accounts of yours scattered across the internet. (Deviantart, Pixeljoint, w/e.)

ILU2 FM <3
Hey, hello, how you doin'? I'm fine, thanks; maybe a little older- the works. Haven't posted in a good bit, eh? Care at all? No? Damn. Do your homework, kids.

I think you've seen some of this garbage before, lol. Lots of new stuff though.

@ShinyHoundoom229: I feel all your feels.
I saw the orc in the preview, and that ruined this page for me!

I demand a refund!