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... Phew. After all this tension from the last pages, just phew.
And I really did not see it coming that Annie knows. Which makes her really super strong, wow. Great.
@GreenKrog: That explains quite some things, I guess ... What do you think of my concept of obligation towards society to not be hurtful? Is it doable? I can't put myself in that position because I am the contrary of a sociopath, which does mean I need a 'reality check' on this one. (Which also doesn't mean that I never behave hurtful. That's part of life and learning.)
Yeah, makes sense, I also want my girlfriend to be raped, 'so be it'. Wtf.

I don't think it's fair to compare sociopathy with being trans. Being trans doesn't reach for hurting other people, sociopathy quite does. So in my opinion, a sociopath has the obligation towards society, to try to learn when they behave antisocial and hurtful towards others, and avoid it.
But still, there is this maybe unsolvable dilemma with people who want to be this way, like 'what to do with Alex DeLarge'.

'And the end result is the same - what is happening in Annie's life.' - But on which side?
September 19th, 2018
Whose mother is this? I didn't get her name and I am not sure whether she was introduced or 'just someone of the cheer group', but I'd like to know their names.
@GreenKrog: I can't stand Rain. As MJ said, it's a fairytale, and I personally don't like the drawing style. I like how yours evolved over the years and that you use the visual possibilities to underline the atmosphere or the moods or the difference of the voices. It really makes the comic unique if we disregard the storyline, which also is unique of course. From my own quite positive life experience I refuse to take it as a real scenario, but of course it may be, and definitely is more one than Rain.
(Concerning VE, I got stuck at page 238, so for a reason, it didn't get to me.)
The last time we saw anyone of the family would have been Dan and Lexi while swimming, I think. I totally understand why they are gone. If someone died at my house, I'd also need a break from it.
Maybe Annie wasn't supposed to find that thoughts and Julie didn't consider she'd return so soon.
September 19th, 2018
Oh, it's that 'Flee, Annie, flee!' tape playing in my head again.
You will be okay again, as it is part of growing up to grow so much that you can solve your problems.
Bree wants a boyfriend, Annie can't be one. Growing up I was told of good sources, and I see it every time when dealing with freshly came-out trans folks: If your partner doesn't take you as you are, the relationship is toxic and the best thing to do is to leave it.
Bree also has an effed up sexist view, like men are predators towards female creatures and they will descend on anything that moves. Needless to say she is obviously a transphobe with misgendering everyone.
But somehow she is right with the last sentence. Annie changed so much under the pressure, but there isn't really her to blame. Most of the time when we look at the way people deal with situations and react on them, it's not a question of blame or guilt. Of course she could have dealt in a healthier way with the situation (then we wouldn't see her with Bree now), but after all, she is still a minor, a teenager, and she still has to learn.
Yes, Bree also deserves to be happy as everyone does. But this thought like 'Annie, just flee' has never been completely gone, and now is stronger than ever. It sounds like she didn't use the self-revelation as explanation, but as a trap to expose Annie towards the 'public', and with that heated community, that is dangerous. (Also, I ask myself what benefits Annie gets from the relationship with Bree, I see none.) (And it kind of sounds like Bree takes her absolution from that recordings in a way so she doesn't have to face the consequences of the thoughts she discloses, and that is totally not how it works.)
This 'just flee' thought is bigger than Bree though. Annie should leave the environment she is in right now until it has all cooled down and people came to their senses, Harper is replaced etc., maybe to a community with other trans people (like who else does she know and how much time is gone since the last contact?), but I have this feeling that in whatever environment you will put her, she will have to face more than her inner demons and always be under attack from the outside.
I have this odd feeling that there will be a row of characters killed one after the other now until Annie breaks too and you can say 'well now, our main character is dead, end of story' ...
I am not dependent on the comic like others, but it has become my daily routine to read, and I would be very shaken and upset if my misgivings came true.
I always considered Cindi as the better person over Wendy until I read what she did. My past comments on Wendy were that harsh because she is a direct person which I personally are not so comfortable with because I tend to take people by their exact words, but she does quite the right things. And Cindi didn't do that, but as she regrets it (it really put a weight on her, and maybe if I re-read, I would notice it before it is revealed) and her reasons to do it are obvious, even if not logical, I am able to forgive her. Glad that Annie does it, too.
After realizing that the PTA is already preparing for court, I wonder now if this bad stuff will go on after Harper and his brazen rules are gone.
It's not even awfully close. It simply is.
She should tell Julie. Julie should connect with the badass mother from the PTA page and other parents (PTA, yes, bless my dictionary), and they should sue that ass of Harper's.
I hope Annie is ready soon to do that.
I am sure this is not the movie they watched as it is without a murderer and a quite new German one, but the one I was thinking of was about a bi woman coming back to the conservative village she grew up in and there is this lesbian everyone makes fun of, and everyone laughs about it, the bi woman also (who has to face sexism in her workplace) and even the lesbian, she laughs it off. She falls in love with the bi woman, but is affronted by a man the bi woman had an affair with. So the movie ends with the lesbian talking about the hurt she has to stand in the village community and also from the bi woman, and they go separate ways, implied that the lesbian will stand up for herself or leave the village.
I was so mad when I read this. I hope the teachers will turn against him, as this is the most stupid thing a principal can do. There are schools or single classes where a high GPA is suspicious (there was my sister's elementary teacher giving all the children good grades, half of them didn't make it in the first year of middle school), but it seems like he puts up with lowering it again just to do his transphobic ass a favour. This is totally not professional.
I like Wendy much and much less. Harper is to hate here (and boy, do I!), Harper clearly wants to mob Annie out of the school even if she raised all the grades, and Wendy's behaviour is exactly what Harper wants. (And poor Annie, positive phase disrupted by ugly reality, because if Wendy will blame her, others will, too.)
I heard of (polyamorous) people with mono partners who do react like Bree on that issue. Like 'not being mad at your partner when they "cheat" on you is not loving them'. Often there is a common concept of cheating used in relationships and never talked about, but in some relationships, the actions may not be count as 'cheating' by one partner and still has never been talked about. Which is conflict potential and may end in the best or worst way.
I'd really would like to hear Bree's concept of a relationship some time.
There are people with which this is the way to speak, and it's fine for them.
I'd prefer my friends to talk about issues like that differently and especially with another definition of fault. I wouldn't talk of fault here at all, why does she?
I actually was confused for a moment because in my native language both have 'red' hair and there's no orange hair except maybe when it's neon orange.
Also, totally rude dude, he should mind his own balls.
This reminds me of a double-bind situation I had with my therapist. Like "Go ahead and do what you feel like to stop the pain. - But not that, don't do that, it will hurt you." Resistance against proposals by psychologists are sometimes necessary, they aren't always right and of course their suggestions are often painful at first view, but if they cause the pain, that's not what therapy is for.
In this case, Annie herself is responsible to not let herself fall into the void after singing. I hope she manages that.

(And of course, retard is a common verb, but the concept of mental retardation as something that is used as pejorative (and also the concept itself maybe) is not cool. But you didn't, why getting apologetic?)