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Neon Noble
I'm an artist in love with so many different mediums-- but I've picked digital illustration as my main style! I enjoy playing games and looking at dog pictures when I'm not drawing!
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    Michael Nicolosi
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@Doomsby: Hahahaha! It's certainly her best sport!
Sorry for the somewhat late post-- and for missing an update last week! Things conspired against me. But I'm back! Yay!
Here we go!
Trying my best to keep up! I'm sloooowly getting back into the swing of things, but this week threw me off with some shifts at work.

Still, here we are! Zareth's strong! Why's Laska letting her keep the money?
@Irbis: It's because she's a giant! If I draw her with normal proportions, Zareth just looks like I scaled her up. By making her head roughly the same size as everyone else's, I can use her body proportions to make her look big!
Thanks for waiting!
It was the perfect storm of delays: A demanding background, lots of characters and-- of course-- getting sick. Sorry for taking so long! I hope you enjoy the first appearance of Zareth!

Thank you for your patience, and I'll see if I can slip in another page soon, considering my intended 3-on 1-off pattern was interrupted basically immediately.
Come Back in a Few Days!
As per the recent News post, a hopefully minor infection has eaten up some time and energy, and while I wait for the antibiotics to kick it out, it's been causing some discomfort in my sitting position for art. I'm going to try to push through it but it's slowing me down! I'm sorry that I haven't been prepared enough to update on time, and I hope to make sure you don't have to wait particularly long at all!
Cameo time!

Credit to ThorsVision on Twitter for letting me use Dema (panels 2 and 4) and Maddyfoxmom (also on Twitter) for letting me use Raguel (panels 2, 3, and 5)!
Sorry about how quiet things have been! I've been trying my best to keep up with the comic and finding myself woefully unprepared for the background painting I knew I would be involved with. But that's life! Getting my backlog back has been quite tough due to this, but I'm pressing on as best as I can. If you hadn't noticed, there was a lack of an update last week-- I'm trying out updating 3 times in a row with a space in between (even if that wasn't the case before, this will be the case moving forward) in an effort to buy back time while I work through these extended city sequences until the end of the chapter. Once the chapter is over, I am going to spend a lot of downtime practicing without worrying about interfering with updates!

Thank you for sticking with me!
This page features a cameo by FA user -HeXen- on the right side of Panel 2! Shazza's quite surprised!
@orgostevani: Actually, he's a young buffalo! I try to keep the animals I use fairly varied, but that's not going to last much longer! XD
@ShadeOfAnubis: The hedgewolf isn't so much ferocious as it is elusive! Still a threat to the unprepared, however. Especially if you don't like getting pricked by thorns! XD

I'm glad you like my comic! <3
@Doomsby: Being a were-hedgewolf would be really cool, actually...

And you'd smell really good, too!
@orgostevani: The absolute best!
I think Laska has something important to say, but Brass just seems too excited to listen to her!
@Guest: She has the meats!

I enjoy working on my webcomic, but I suppose the problem is that of schedule and energy, rather than not enjoying it. I'll do what I can to keep going! <3
Small update!
Thanks for sticking with me, everyone! I hate to say this so soon after the last pause, but next week's page might be delayed while I try to work around how tired my day job has left me! It's really hard to work 25+ hours on a comic every week when I'm already working 25-35 hours. It's just too much work to reasonably get done without losing my mind, but I'm trying my best to press on regardless! However, this may mean that my comic pace will slow down until I can get a more consistent and favorable set of hours.
A little breather!
Thanks for sticking with me so far, everyone! I was away last weekend so this week we're taking a small break so that I can recover and catch up on everything I missed due to the trip.

Terra wants to sleep in just as much as I do, too!
@Ada: Thank you! I'm glad that you're as excited for more as I am! <3
@Doomsby: Simpler times! I wish prices were like that, too!
There Won't Be An Update Next Week!
Hey everyone! I'm out of town at the moment so I'll need to take some time to rest and catch up. That means there won't be an update next week! Sorryyyyy!