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Neon Noble
I'm an artist in love with so many different mediums-- but I've picked digital illustration as my main style! I enjoy playing games and looking at dog pictures when I'm not drawing!
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    Michael Nicolosi
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@orgostevani: Hi! Things are up and down, as usual. Been trying to push myself to be ready for releasing pages of Chapter 2 to the public, but I'm behind on my personal deadlines. I'm still kicking, I promise! Thanks for checking in~
@Doomsby: "Cyborg" isn't quite the term I'd use, personally, but that's for another time!

I loved that you sussed out part of the truth earlier, but I had to keep quiet!
And Thus, Chapter 1 Closes!
Wow! That's quite a secret, Laska! The arms, that is. This society is very flexible and tolerant of the genders of its people, how varied they may be.

What kind of magic runes power those metal arms...?

There will be an end page coming up soon (at a later date to prevent confusion) but this officially marks the end of the chapter!
@Troy: That secret is already out! Haha!
@ShadeOfAnubis: Laska's not the most feminine of girls, which I don't think should be a problem! There's no need to be keeping track, because it doesn't matter.
@Doomsby: Very interesting theory!!
@Grayphus: She has long ears which Nick accounted for-- instead of her ears popping out and being easy to hit, her helmet's designed so she can lay them back instead!
@Doomsby: You've guessed correctly! It's my take on a sallet, with space for the ears to fold back.
@Grayphus: Any underwear is men's underwear if a man is wearing it! :D
Please Consider Supporting!
With the arrival of Nick the blacksmith, let me poke my head up for a moment!

I'd always appreciate support of this comic through my Patreon! You can get doodles and sketches every month!

But if you feel like sending some tiny one-time donations, you can do so through Ko-Fi, too!

Thank you for reading!
Ah, Moving Along!
I got my wisdom teeth assessed AND removed before this page was finished! Cities sure kick my butt, but I relish the challenge against my safety zones. We're about to meet a new character who I adore, so I'm glad this page is finally done!
Sorry this was so late! Thanks for your patience!

Cameo Alert: The bottom right characters in the middle panel belong to itsawinter [(18+ zone warning)] and Ahmed_Zainal on Twitter!
@JoePossum: Edgar is a very grumpy-looking esspot! (Pronounced "ess-poe")
Aaaand we're back!
I'm sorry for that month of absence. It's been a little hard getting back on track, but now I think I can finally keep on clipping along!

Say, who's this blacksmith that Laska's talking about?

Also, don't forget-- you can get drawings and doodles every month if you support me on Patreon!
@Mvilu Uatusun: After reading the other pages it's much easier to tell, especially with people referring to her.

Sometimes people aren't super feminine or masculine!
@Badr Bally : Ahahaha! Her armor doesn't very much give away her figure, so I don't blame you for thinking that!

Her voice is a little deep in my mind, too, so I wouldn't say you're too far off!
@Sulferon: I'm sorry you feel that way, but my characters were written this way from the start. I wasn't trying to make it any more special than a cute moment between partners. If a colorful background for a cute moment of levity is too much for you, then I really don't know what to tell you.

I've had this story cooking for a number of years and this moment was always part of it.
At last!!
This took way too long to get to you! I had hoped for enough time a week or two ago, but that just didn't happen. But here we are! I hope this was worth the wait.
Happy New Year! I apologize for the single comic upload this month. Things got the better of me, and I'm still shaking off the stress of the holiday season. We're just a scant few months away from the one-year anniversary of Tales of Kalzeria, though, and I'm excited to see what the year brings!

In the meantime, here's a cute sketch. I hope you'll all stick with me through 2019! <3
@Doomsby: Hahahaha! It's certainly her best sport!