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I'm a mute parapalegic ex-con who fights ghosts as a part time job when I'm not managing my Chinese themed steakhouse.
What more do you need to know?
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We're back!
On the off chance anyone actually might see this, I'd like to announce something.

While it's been several years since I have updated with a video and even longer since a comic I'm hoping
there might still be some fans of Uber Meat.

That being said, Caleb and I have started a let's play series. It's on the same channel as our videos. We would absolutely love it if you all could check out those videos and subscribe.

Our first let's play was for Castle Crashers, which we have just recently finished. At the time of writing this we are playing Fable: Lost Chapters and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

So please, click the link and check out our videos. (Be warned, the audio quality is kind of shit for the first seven episodes but you can turn on subtitles and it improves on episode 8.)

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

The art for the thumbnail of the Castle Crashers play through is none other than Taylor (whom some of you may remember from earlier on in the comics). If you would also like to contribute artwork for us, drop us a line on our facebook page and we'd be more than happy to work with you.
Bonjour! Well, you heard my sprite self right, we do have a new video. Though can you really call it new if it's been out since March?
We're working on the new one today and tomorrow and it should be up within the week. The other one I talked about isn't really a sketch, but it's still very important.

Also, for good measure, here are some links to the Uber Meat Youtube Channel
The Uber Meat Facebook page
And my own Facebook page, because I'd like to know who still follows us. Though if you do send me a friend request, please, tell me you're a fan of Uber Meat, otherwise I'll just delete you.
Yeah, see, this is why I don't even bother making comics anymore. I can't compare to this, why dilute the comic with my sub par comics?
Ani: Oh brother! You're something! You put me in a spin!
You aren't comprehending the position that you're in!
It's hopeless! You're finished! You haven't got a prayer!
Cause I'm Mister Animetal, and you ain't goin nowhere!
I will be sure to spread the word.
Also, how dare you let real life get in the way of my entertainment!
Even better than what I had in my head! Thank you very much!
I made nothing.
Where am I?
Who are you people?
I don't know, I think I've kind of lost interest in making sprite comics...not reading them or starring in them mind you, just making them.
Alright, new video is up. I've had everyone tell me that this is our best one yet. Not hard considering the first one we had no idea what we were doing and the second one was thrown together at the last minute.

This one came about on one simple realization. Caleb was going with me on vacation and we knew that this was the only opportunity to use a beach in one of our videos. I'm sure we looked pretty strange to passerbys but cares? They're in Florida and we'll never see them again.

Anyway, my sister Meghan did a majority of the Camera work for this video.

Also, please ignore the coat hanger that's used to pull away the bird, we had no way of disguising it.

*Kooler Stamp of Approval*
So we have to destroy our partner? What happens to the winner? They'll be left without a partner
I thought that I'd do this everytime we update a video. Gives me an excuse to blow the dust off of the old sprites.

So the story behind the video is this:
I had just finished buying some new shirts for the summer when my dad handed me the receipt and told me to hold onto it in case there's something wrong with the shirts. To which I replied "Yeah, like what? If they suddenly came to life and tried to strangle me while I wear them?" That's when a lightbulb appeared over my head.

This one, I'll admit, was not nearly as good as our last one. But that's mainly because Caleb was grounded and I couldn't film any of the videos that we have lined up. So I needed something to update with, because I hadn't in so long. Thus why I picked something that was easy to film and only involved me. At least I thought it would only involve me. I ended up needing a camera man and Jack was kind enough to help out, as did my dad.

Anyway, here's the link:
I think you may have forgotten to edit a couple of your sprites
No, I got the second panel, but I don't really know what i'm seeing in the third panel
I sense a dark knight quote coming on.
And he's not really turning his back to him is he? I assume that there's a mirror right there.
She should be playing The World Ends With You
June 1st
So what's a rough estimate on when the next one will be out?
Oh I do so hope we talk about me in the next comic
Also I like how Keith just casually slipped in that he's a memory fragment and Rain didn't even seem to notice