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the kiss...
of the killer women. He will be thrilled to death.
and perfect...
it is. :)
unless I am missing/confusing a huge lot... :)
tirin prime and Tirin young...
it is getting kind of confusing, but... Tirin prime and Tirin young are the same, only the one we see as prime is the older version of the Tirin young... that's how it all started... so in fact there is only one Tirin, but she appears multiple in certain moments... remember when the slorn was killed, Tirin appeared to act like her own elder sister of herself. This gives room for an interesting development: Tirin young developes impressive magic skills, which might come in really handy for Tirin prime, when the time(!) gets right.
May 23rd, 2018
thank you
for publishing the next sequence of this wonderful series.
and about the ease with which she seems to get a grip on the time-dimension-relation... she has had much time to get used to "strange" theories during the time she was in the service of the slorn... so she has a firm advantage on that point. And "thinking out of the box" was drilled in her head from when she was a stubborn little girl, her father knew all too well it would mean survival for her. In fact he is the greatest visionair of all, even though he didn't know that himself. :)
Tirin Prime...
somehow I have the impression Tirin Prime does not really like it to be worshipped. And certainly not in a divine kind of way, where her disciples all go down on their knees to honour her...
@Guesticus: I trust the creator not to publish irrelevant pages... that saves us a huge lot of useless efforts. ;-)
@Someone's Ed: "the vast majority of that would be so utterly repetitious", which you can ignore. Which leaves the one 0.000000000000001% which really is important. (and maybe I forgot a few zero's here), which would result in only one or two really important pages. And I guess you can handle that? ;)
never too old to learn...
@Guesticus: I hadn't heard of that theory yet, but somehow I grasped it already by logic reasoning on from the basic explanation from miss Tattoo-face. Thanks for giving me the name, it's explanation I found is really enlightning.
This makes me think of what we call here the "Droste-effect". I don't know if the expression is known in English too, but somehow it is the same: a sub-level that influences the higher level which in it's turn affects the sub-)level, which, in it's turn, does or does not influence the main level, which...
This can go on indefinetely... with an unlimited number of variations... which makes the final result... incalculable?
So mr beard
has been there before, observing. And guiding too? What happened in "earlier" versions???
@Guesticus: well... since they are capable of observing a certain event in the past and apparently influence and guide it, it might also be possible that they have done this specific and important sequence more than once before...
Is it just my impression or are Tirin and Abby a bit each other's opposite? Abby is eager, too eager, almost psychotic, urging for revenge and loosing caution in the process, while Tirin is aware, not really trusting all? They may not see the new folks in charge observing them, but there always is something like "a feeling of being watched"...
It sure seems like one pushing on and one holding back.

Oh, another thing: the male one says: "No matter how many times I come back here"... he has monitored it before??? What happened the other times? If things don't work out the way they like, do they get a second, third, fourth chance to redo it?

Questions, questions, questions... but I guess that's quite normal if you take time being manipulable.
@Lurker314: I guess they may be... as long as it fits in their interest...