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Hey lazesummerstone you should try to make a t-shirt for us fans
@Leprodus: thanksssssssssss?
@Mpire4: So basically destiny 2 1/2
@SentryBeat: nope πŸ‘Ž arc staff rules
@lazesummerstone: I smell a spin-off comic πŸ‰
@XStrikerEurekaX: I’d go with crazy
@lazesummerstone: 😲 I never thought you would reply
@Arcstrider Exo
Bungie plz make Greg a playable character in the new expansion
Plot twist
@lazesummerstone: here’s what I’m gonna predict happen. Greg goes on a killing spree for the rest of the comic. πŸ‰
Next page
@Leprodus: He might just go on a full on rampage and become a guardian.
@guy: How do you join the factions? Do you have to get the new tower? What light level do you need to do raids? Where can you find Xur?
So many questions.πŸ‰ Btw keep on going on with mosscreek divide it is lit