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Young artist who loves mysteries and loves friends even more.
Wants to be a Graphic Designer, loves writing, and drawing, plays clarinet, and can't focus for the life of me.

Email about commissions:
(In the most endearing an sweet voice)
her name IS RYLIE
Meanwhile Back on the Blog
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Check out the blog on Tumblr at for doodles and stories and all sorts of extra content!
A Change
So this marks the first page where I started using Firealpaca instead of Gimp!
You'll see from the coming pages how I was learning to take advantage of the program, so it's a lot of experiments. But! Hopefully! It looks good!
It's also the end of chapter one!!!! wooo!!!!! No proper update on saturday, but instead, it'll be a bunch of doodles because i want to show you guys what I've been drawing on the side. ^u^
@VothnThorvaldson: I love adding little nods to canon, the bandages included because like, i love it as a touch.
And how I handle it is with a lot of LGBT inclusion and salt because I can't make Mormons the bad guys of A Study In Scarlet anymore XD
And here's he suprise: a full speedpaint of a future page to show the work process!
Graduation Present
I've been working on a little surprise to celebrate my graduation, I'll post a link with the Saturday update! :D
If you want to find out what it is early, head over to the comic's tumblr and keep an eye out ;3
Happy Pride Month
I'll just leave this here:

<img src=" _authorloremipsum-dcd6qyk.png" alt="HAPPY PRIDE MONTH">

I might draw more like it with other characters, check it out on the blog: Signs of Three Tumblr Blog
Missing Banner thingy mabobber
Y'know the banner that's supposed to be at the top of the page n whatever? I think yours is broken amigo, it's showing up as the ripped paper on my screen.

Anywho, who told you your art style was allowed to be this good?! becuase it's super strong!? and cool?? and the colors are great???????
The Blog At Work
Do you have a tumblr? Do you like dumb aus? Do you like cute nonsensical doodles? Do you like sneak peeks to future stories, characters, and events as well as behind the scenes and background on characters? Do you want it all totally free?

Well have I got news for you!
The Signs Of Three blog on tumblr is pretty damn active! While I'm taking questions about characters, as well as drawing requests, you'll be able to watch me descend slowly into madness with multiple fun aus, of which there are currently three and subject to change.

You can check it all out over here:
Starting Up
Due to not checking school schedule, we're starting in the dead middle of finals season!
Worry not, I've got at least eleven pages primed and ready, so at least for the first few months we need not worry about inconsistency. I plan to update Wednesdays and Saturdays, usually with single pages unless something special happened.
I would appreciate feedback for these first few pages, so let me know if things look Odd to you, like you can't read the text or something, thanks a bunch!