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I only have to say one thing ...
Za warudo tokio tomare Wryyyyyy!!!!!!!
In my za wuarudo wryyyy!!! :v
If you say you'll never gonna get 10,000 fav I'll never gonna see that Crisel, and I want see, it for that I believe that you're gonna make it and not only for that, it's I want you to reach that goal, I know you can
Myu: star platinum za warudo
@Gamegod018: How stupid I am, how did I not realize after a whole year?. TwT
my likes are stupid, block me
this image represents how I feel when I can not support to Ultrawandits in any way
Pero que hermosa es Juanita
I think is perfect in this way, 10/10
To be continue
I want see a reference of Jojo bezzare adventure in this comic, can you do it please?
Jolteon is my favorite Pokémon :)
I've been watching Jojo's bizarre adventure for less than a week and I think it has already affected me (I was screaming): wryyyy kono Dio da
November 17th, 2018
Don't worry is ok I can wait
I'm very happy if you rest, you deserve to rest
this eevee is so beautiful, I loved . sorry for being so annoying
the only thing I can say is: amo este eevee con todo mi corazón