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Hey! Cinna buns,its your author chan I really like to draw, I draw anime and cartoons. I love drawing comics and writing novels please message me and comment on my books if you have any questions or things to say!
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Lmao. Like 5 4th wall breaks are scheduled throughout this book
Somebody commented rudly on me and I'm sorry I it wansnt you it seems the comment was deleted or something cuz I can't fund it my vision is quite Impared
@avery yes I can. I was talking about HER style the one I've seen is every chapter of rain ever. I was talking about the mega kawaii style used in rain. Sorry if you miss understood but saying "can you even read" was very unnecessary
Poor rain. And Jocelyn I think ur art style is kawaii AF
Typo. Speech bubble 2 says BUST
Pages 108 will be out at nine and pg 109 will be at 11
I just miss Rudy...
See ya again at 9!
Next page out at 3
If your first rain page was September 25th by miracle I'd be so happy. Its my b day
Sorry! I thought I posted this yesterday
I know. I just really love ky ;p
Also, Kyle is in the others section in the chr list. That needs to change please.
I just read rain over the course of a month, and really loved all the years you put into it! I am cis and straight and I am the "Gavin " of all my friends in school too. Your book is really special to me, and even helps me understand my Friend's situations and issues sometimes I love you soooo much and THANK YOU for providing almost TEN YEARS OF RAIN! :)
Try saying that 3 times fast
So kawaii!!!!
So we can have a detailed pic of Vöcuré's new waifu
No update till this Sunday but here's a picture *for screenshot purposes*