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Comics from Spain
OK, so this page (which I felt I was sort of obligated to make) was done using my sister's pencilcase of highlighters and (2) Mr. Scent markers, and my OTHER sister's digital camera. none of my regular supplies or methodology. no scanners. no photoshop; the only software I have at my disposal is your standard MS Image Manager and Word.

and all that happened on a moving bullet train.

It was HARD!!

bow to my resourcefulness.

That's the end of chapter 4. Chapter 5 will start very soon. stay tuned!
I've had the text to this comic and the layout written down for the longest time. I'm glad I can finally put it up here.
We're Back, with a new art style and a new work ethic!
That's right! I've imported this comic into my Independent Art class, to give myself a structured work ethic and a more consistent means of uploading. what that means is no more sporadic shenanigans like before. comics WILL be coming up more regularly. however, I'm going to do them in chunks at first, and then start doing the comics one at a time. so here's THE REST OF CHAPTER 4, COMPLETE!

sometimes the biggest mistake is trying to help when you just don't know what you're talking about. we've got a very specific outline of her crimes coming up by the guys who call themselves S.U.C.C.

because that's what they do.
I dunno, it was a caption and I was feeling nostalgic?
hey there!
so its been a while. a long while. a VERY long while. but I'm trying to ease back into this. I'm thinking from now on comics will be straight up pencil, no fancy coloring (4-6 is the reason why; if I'm too lazy to do a good job of it I'm not going to bother.)

Unless I really feel like it; 4-8 is probably color worthy. *FORSHADOWING*

and I've just realized that this font is WAY too small to read. no wonder I was able to fit so much text in!

*sigh* now I take my day of rest.
believe you me, I'm just waiting on my next check (its been "in the mail" for a while now") and its the first thing on my list!

is it too much to ask to keep it up there until I order myself a copy? haha ^_^
alternate titles:

is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Eve gets sex hair

The author gets lazy after a long hiatus and repeats a ton of panels

God Facepalms

fun stuff.
getting high
the end all, save all solution, eh? its the duct tape of decisive action.
agreed with Ra. we all need a little Mulligan in our lives, don't we?
I remember the day I saw my first Ex was fairly orgasmic.
oh didn't!...

you did, didn't you? *sigh*

I like the contrast on this one. it looks more professionally inked.
what happened to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy? are we really just going to LET these lumberjacks defend our interests without any sort of...

aw heck, y'all know I'm just miffed 'cause I didn't think of it first!
silly things happen when I do guest strips.

whoops! haha
And the award to most colorful comic goes to....
wow. I think I gave myself a nice little seizure there.

couple notes I have on this comic:

on panel 4: Adam's a hairy dude. I mean

on panel 6: looks like SOMEbody's never seen a naked woman before...

On panel 9: when God's pissed off, he just looks more buff than usual. I blame my childhood, wasted watching Dragon Ball Z.

on panels 3-6 : Best. Series. of Expressions. Ever.

and finally, on panel 10: God using comic-expletives? well that makes me so lightning-bolt mad, I might just flip a skull!

its 1:23 AM. now I'm going to go to bed. enjoy.
this will only go to profoundly bad places...
Agh, snake, a snake! snake, a snake! ooooh, its a snake!

(badgers? anyone?)
another quick note: in the last panel, God's little doodles read like this: the first one says "Note to self: Kill off life on Mars"

the second is a comparison of human hands and god's weird mitten things, and a note: "The Artist is a Douchebag"

Satan's note, for clarity (if you're blind) says "Taking some Initiative, -Satan"
my site counter claims 1,111 visitors as I'm writing this. make a wish.

so I've been waiting for about half a year to make this joke. and its not even that good. how pathetic is that?

if you don't get it, then I'm sorry...but you fail at more than just trigonometry.
See? This is what I can pull off with absolutely no imaging software.
My Laptop has crashed. hard. the harddrive failed, so it looks like I've lost absolutely archived PSD files of all my previous comics. no Photoshop. nothing.

>.O frikkin' ey.

in the meantime, I slapped together this (just when you thought I was gonna get back to actual comics), just to show off my dramatic side.

(by the way, that guy is supposed to be me. for those of you who know me, you'll perhaps see the resemblance. if you don't, that's just too bad. I stand by my claims of awesomeness.)

in other news, THANK YOU FOR 1,000 VISITORS!