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Bwahahahaha!! I was RIGHT!

Ok, so I was only half-right. I knew the shoulder from the other page was Mewtwo, without a doubt (after you confirmed it would be a full-page reveal I knew), but I did NOT see that coming. Black Mewtwo with green eyes? :O WHAT CAN THIS MEAN?!

Can't wait for the next page, Vye! You really do know how to keep us on our toes.

I'm now 90% sure of who that is, just from the shoulder silhouette.

Can't wait for the next page! Full-page splash reveal maybe?

I wish I could make that emote bigger. Like size 50. Seriously, good thing the pokemon are asleep. This is fantastic, I DEMAND MORE PAGES!! D:
So, Vye, is this like the tension-relieving comedy before the action-packed tension-filled events to come?

It works :D

"You can't quit! I created you!" XD
Bah, fine. Registered and such. Benefit: Now I have my awesome Alucard avatar :D

Buuuuut, lessee. On the comic, wonder if this "other" is connected to why Celebi sent Hillaree to the Pokemon world?