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I feel like a winner.
dsadvbdhseAF SORRY THIS IS LATE!! We're back baby!!
For anyone interested in what Evaline sounds like, this is what I had in mind:
AAAAAAAAAAAAA sorry this is late guys. Hannah and I are busy people. I hope the next few pages will make up all the missed updates.
@Blucakes020302: OOOOHHH dude, totally same. My friend who's based off Ivy is lke this irl, she's my confidence goals.
Hey yall. Sorry for the late page again! We've been busy with school and stuff. Rip. I was thinking each species would correspond with different races in our world. I'll leave it for you guys to figure out. c:
Hey hey everyone! Super sorry for the late upload again. As promised, here's page 21! We're getting close to the end of this chapter!!
Fixed, thank you! Sorry for the late response. Not really sure why smackjeeves keeps doing that.
AHHHH so sorry this is late! We've been super busy with school. Follow us on Twitter @wallflowers_90 for more updates!
Hey everyone! Sorry again for the lack of updates. Please follow us on Twitter @wallflowers_90 for more updates. Thanks for your patience!
SHOOT so sorry, I didn't notice. It should be up now!
Hey guys! Sorry that page 15 didn't load. If anything goes wrong with the site we have an official website at

@Oly-RRR: Thank you so much! It totally happens to me all the time!
Whoops! Thanks for letting us know BrokenHand. Appreciate it! :)
Sorry about the lack of updates these past 2 weeks! We've been busy pitching this show to different studios! Come back next Friday for page 7!! :)
Page 4. Come back next Friday for the next page!