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I went ham with nature brushes but it was so much fun gdi
i hate colouring this place
the crystal finally makes an appearance :eyes emoji:
Ahhh thank you
slowly realising that i gotta work on distance shots
That background was really fun to draw ngl
I did the background with polygons because there's no way I'm lining such unnecessary details. Y'all know those are just houses there lmao
@Meta-Akira: ahhh thank you!
@VadanDrumist: i don't think anyone wants to illustrate five turns of Tackling but alas it is a mystery
Format change
This was a nightmare to finish during my final year so I'm going to be switching to regular page size after this page.

This should also solve the squishing problem since i still couldn't figure out how to fix page 1.
If this one is squished too read here:
I actually drew this in about 3 hours but uni ;;;
Parts 2 and 3 are drafted!
@That Awkward Water Master: that's apparently a problem for mobile mostly. If you check out the blog link in the comic homepage, there's a deviantart mirror too if you'd like
First part finally done!

For now I'm just working out the pacing. With school and general life, I don't really have the opportunity to put as much detail as I'd like (plus I'm just. Generally slow). Hopefully over time I'll become more efficient and I can deliver the quality I want to! For now, I think it's fine as is.
#6 is an important plot point
This is probably going to be a slow updating comic, I put a lot of pressure on my work and school still comes first. But I WILL update whenever I can.