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"Live your life & do your art"
Helloooo ^,^ I'm Amebu and I'm from Poland ---> a little sh**hole where nobody knows what's digital art (it's gonna take 20 years before they finally get it xD), and where art is considered as an unpaid and worthless hobby
I'm so super glad that there is something like internet, and you can share things with the world even while living in a place like this ^,^
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I can't believe it!!! He's finally here ^,^' ... Alex <33333
Sorry for the long break, I really needed it :x Hope You like the page :)
See You next week my lovely awesome readers :***

If You like what You see, please consider supporting me on Patreon ^,^ every dollar makes a difference. Thank You <3 :*
@Huntik13: Thank You for reading my comic :* <3
I'm really sorry for not updating last week ... and this week too I have only an Easter extra. I had to take a short break from making pages (I felt really overworked), but now I'm back and ready to continue my work on UNCLE ^,^ see You next Sunday :* <3
@BLfan: I am changing my update schedule, from now on I will update every two weeks. Weekly updates gonna be available on my Patreon page :)
@BLfan: I will tryyyyyy T.T
@OneinVermillion: I will :* Thank You
I didn't really sleep for the last couple of days, I had to make this page on time xD I'm soooo tired that I guess I will pass out any minute now ^,^'
Hope You like this one :) See You next week ... where Alex finally appears \*,*/ I'm crazily excited (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
@YaoiGirl09: It's not ;)
OMG I had a murderer cold this week >.< I thought I will die for sure ... but I'm still alive xD and even have a new page for you \(^,^)/ yaaaaaaaaaay!!

If you like my comic ... you can support me on patreon <3 this means the world to me :* Thank You <333
So this is the story so far ^,^ Hope You like it.

I make updates every Sunday at 2 pm - PST
@sstogner1: Thank You :* I'm super happy that you like it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
@justw894: I know T.T sorry, I just ... had to draw them together ◉_◉