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I like birds... :/
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@miizj Hey Mii, is Platinum next? Great comics btw. :3
These are amazing!! I can't even draw that well and I look at the images while doing so!
He is calling others stupid, I was defending the other person. If you want to ban me for trying to help, go ahead.
...ok, well, that was unexpected.
That awkward moment when you did that with Bill's Umbreon and was planning on doing it with the Jolteon. XD
Adorable Umbreon is adorable.
That caterpie is awesome.
@Qlock: Don't mean to be nitpicking, but it is Peach and I, not Peach and me.
@Draethon: Seems like a plausible explanation.
@Enderstar (Guest) Did you really use my name as a guest name m8? And even my signature, not logged in, header is there. Hmm...and if this says I replied to myself...
@Pinkeevee222: Goodbye Mari! Where will you go though? Also, Tina, what is this new mascot's name?
You realize that you are the only one who thinks they are Jolteon right? At least call him Speedy.
I find that reading Nuzlocke comics often have death, but only two have ever made me feel sad. Zea was an example, along with (SPOILERS) Jojjo the beedrill in Hard Life.
Are you always this annoying? Should be a question that should be asked into a mirror. Wait, they all broke.
Hehe...I see what you did there Espeon.
Wet Umbreon is angry Umbreon. Angry Umbreon is cute Umbreon.