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Wow! That's incredible! Even better then celery!
Absolutely no idea what to do here. Heh.
Adorable. No other words. This is what happens when great Pokemon combine.
10/10 comic title. #nailedit
Rip Erin. Rip Tobias from Mii. Rip every other poochyena that has ever died in a nuzlocke. Mine didn't though, so I'm lucky. :/
That looks so cool! :O
Apparently, I'm not the only one who dislikes pixel. It's sickening that PKM-150 would allow him to use such foul language. He is most likely lying. Cupcake is right to ignore him.
@Enderstar: Nvm, just read that comic. It's a tie.
Dawn: Why don't you remember? Blizz used amnesia! Dawn: Oh.
Celery an orchid.
The legend of celery returns! Welcome to Alola! Our celery grows on trees!
@miizj Hey Mii, is Platinum next? Great comics btw. :3
These are amazing!! I can't even draw that well and I look at the images while doing so!
He is calling others stupid, I was defending the other person. If you want to ban me for trying to help, go ahead.
...ok, well, that was unexpected.
That awkward moment when you did that with Bill's Umbreon and was planning on doing it with the Jolteon. XD
Adorable Umbreon is adorable.
That caterpie is awesome.