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Eric B
Hello, My name is Eric B. I am the Author of the sprite comic 'Sonic and Tails Corner'. I have been making sprite comics of a number of years. I started making comics in 2004 after reading Sonic and Pals. I finally got my comics on the internet in 2007.
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I'm with Sonic, I think Tails is going crazy.
I think out of all the comics I made for this comic, the ones I dislike the most are the ones made for the storyline that's happening right now.

More on the way when I get around to it.
Man, I was such a noob back then.
Hello again.
That's right, I'm uploading my comics here again. I'm sorry to anyone who cares but I completely forgot that I had this.
For this comic I changed the style of the comic. This way is easier for me because I don't have to resize backgrounds.
This comic marked the beginning of the first storyline of this comic. It starts of slow but it gets better.
As you can see I changed the sprite style in this comic to the Advance style. To tell you the truth I like this style better.
I know it's not April or April Fools day, this comic was made last year.
Yes, I was lazy when I made this comic
Yeah, I could try that.
Thank you. I'm glad to be here.
This is not one of my better comics. Its not as funny as I thought. It's still good though
Every time I look at this comics it reminds me how much of a noob I use to be.
So it begins....again
For some of you this may be the first time you saw this comic. If you been on and saw this comic already then welcome to the SJ edition.

I know it look like crap now but trust me it will get better.
Yeah I know there is a mistake but I'm too lazy to fix it right now.
I'll update...eventually